2 thoughts on “Boston Man Busted on Firearms Charges After Rolling Car in Watertown

  1. I just wonder if this guy had been arrested and released for prior crimes! With our easy release without bail programs it seems that on the news we see more repeat criminals doing more crimes. If there’s no real punishment, there’s no incentive to change their ways or get them off the streets to protect all of us. In the recent example on the news of the woman who was killed in front of a pharmacy, the same guy was caught with a gun going to his former girlfriend’s house, (who had a restraining order against him). And God knows what he would have done if she had not called the police to tell them he was there. Let’s get back to law and order and prosecuting and putting these criminals in jail. I don’t want to hear all the comments that they need to be out to support their families. If they are committing crimes to support them, that is benefiting no one.

    • Cash bail doesn’t actually solve this problem — it only locks people up for being poor. Existing law already provides for suspects to be held without bail if they are dangerous or a flight risk. Too often, DAs don’t bother to use this process and instead just ask for unaffordable cash bail because it’s easier.

      In my view, either someone is too dangerous to release regardless of how much money they have, or they should be released since they haven’t been convicted of anything. Either way, the cash isn’t doing any work.

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