37 thoughts on “Masks to be Required Indoors in Watertown After Board of Health Decision

    • I remember 20 years ago when the Watertown Tab published a letter you wrote in support of the Patriot Act. You justified it by saying, “the “Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Are you pro-suicide now?

    • Oh for goodness sake, it’s not fascism. They are trying to keep you from getting very sick. Such childishness is making this pandemic worse for all. If not for all the tantrums, we might be out of the woods, not headed for another surge.

    • Somehow the businesses here will survive. And please crack open a book about real fascism before you throw that term around in such a cavalier way.

    • next you will be asking if it’s been shown that pants are necessary to prevent the spread of disease.
      Just curious, where are you on cross walks, seat belts and helmets.
      By the way, the difference between these 2 questions is one is about the safety of others.
      Are you against the idea of a mask mandate where everyone should take simple and easy steps to protect each other because you don’t care about anybody but yourself?
      I an actually curious if you understand this idea.

    • Patty, I understand your concern.

      But if masks really do stop transmission of communicable diseases,why not wear them all year ’round?

      Less risk of colds, flu, etc. Those can be severe and even fatal in many people.

      I just looked up “airborne diseases” on the Web. There are many of them.

      Masks indoors and out in all venues.

      Kids masked all the time (from the age of 2 up), in school, on playgrounds, birthday parties, visits to Disney etc.

      Why not?

  1. A good requirement to promote the common good. I am vaccinated, already wear a mask inside stores, restaurants when not consuming food/beverage, and markets. The policy is the best way to keep me from becoming a statistic.

    • Thanks for modeling common sense and concern for others at a time where there are so many cowards and weak people who fear a needle or a piece of cloth! I imagine my parents fighting World War II on the home and battle fronts, and I think of the sacrifices they made, and I am so saddened by the words and actions of those who can’t be even a little compassionate towards others.

  2. The so-called expert, Dr. Fauci, has flip flopped on the mask issue so many times, he should feel like a ping pong ball. Respected well-known doctors have said the only effective masks are the N95 ones; the cloth masks are useless. When people wear masks and keep touching them to adjust them, they are just adding bacteria and germs to their faces. People and kids are getting acne from them and that is certainly not a deadly issue, but it just adds to the mental problems people are facing during this pandemic. Oxygen levels are reduced with masks and who knows the long-term effects of this.

  3. “unmitigated fascism.” What a ridiculous and irresponsible choice of words. Bottom line is this Covid is not going away and WILL become more robust as the weather cools down. It’s a nightmare that is not even close to ending.

    • These scary phrases are the only tools these people have, as the facts and science and medicine are NOT on their side!

  4. Have you seen this in the Globe yesterday by Tim Ritchie, Director of the Museum of Science? I am glad that Watertown will follow in the footsteps of our Museum of Science, particularly in making schools safer for in-person studies. Vaccinations and masking must be mandated. People who handle food and support staff as well. Town Hall and other indoor meetings must be as protected as much as possible. We appreciate continuing with Zoom meetings.
    Here’s the article:

    Here are excerpts: he contrasts “science” with a beautiful definition and “evidence” for decision-making in Public Health.

    “Follow the science.” That, most surely, will settle nothing. Science is an act of continuing discovery that by its very nature demands being open to changing one’s mind and expanding one’s understanding. It always explores, always doubts, and always welcomes the skeptical voice. It is a joyful exercise of learning and growth.
    “Follow the evidence.” That is what public health officials seek to do. They consider the evidence based on research, repeatable results, and verifiable data. They make difficult decisions based on the best evidence at hand. They cannot insist on 100 percent certainty when lives are at stake. In public health, one cannot wait until all the evidence is in to make the hard decisions.
    “Leaders of institutions, cities, states, and nations cannot wait for complete agreement when the consequence of inaction is death or serious risk. They must follow the evidence if it tips strongly in favor of taking action. Science embraces doubt, and rightly so.
    Leaders act in spite of doubt and take an evidence-based stand. They must give a clear message that everyone can follow.”

    barbara and jeremy ruskin, MD

  5. You guys are all sheep. It’s great we have “experts” telling us how to best protect ourselves, thanks for that. I wonder what will happen if we don’t comply. Will we be arrested? Probably just shammed by everyone else that claims to know what is best for our own safety. It’s amazing how fast we all are ready to give up our freedom in the name of “science”. God help us all

  6. I’d like the Board to please share the double blind, randomized, controlled study or studies this decision was based on. Please present the overwhelming data that show cloth and surgical masks stop the spread of this virus. You can NOT avoid a virus whose particle size is 1 micron. Half of the county is vaccinated. The other half is not. Of those that are unvaccinated what percent have natural immunity? Haven’t heard anything from the CDC. Of those not vaccinated who get the virus 99.7% survive and recover. Now there are monoclonal antibodies to help people recover. Influenza has greater mortality and we never took such measures to control it. The next variant Americans are facing is a tyrannical government! STOP THIS MADNESS!

  7. To John D. and his response of “This is unmitigated fascism”

    You seem to be such an extremist. How about just doing what makes sense and is safe for everyone by wearing a mask where it’s required? Why is it so difficult for people to understand that a mask is protecting yourself and others against this airborne virus. How can so many, without medical/ science degrees and expertise, argue against this. I am tired of listening to people downplay this virus while we are hearing all over the news how sick people are getting. Tired of also hearing it is only the elderly getting sick. That is just not true and I know of several people that were dangerously sick with this virus, hospitalized on ventilators and all were under 50.

    John D. if you don’t want to wear a mask or comply with safety standards then by all means take your business out of Watertown. I feel a lot better knowing that Watertown is now doing what many communities are doing in terms of mask mandates.

    Just really tired of hearing how some are minimizing this virus. I prefer to listen to the medical experts, my own doctors, and the research. I am also tired of how political this has become. How about using common sense and listening to the experts?

    • Sadly that common sense ship has long sailed. The hysteria from the antis is unabated. They have politicized a pandemic. Even Trump can’t speak to them anymore. I am done with any attempts at reason; you can’t argue rationally with lunatics!

  8. Please do your part and disobey this order that was not voted on by elected officials. When I called the board of health clerk said the was based on test positivity rate which is completely unscientific and sets us up for permanent masking – after all, this is an endemic virus which will be here forever although way less deadly over time.

    I called the police department and they said this won’t be enforced – only businesses will be fined if they don’t have a masking policy.

    We will be masking forever until people take their rights back. Do you want to live in an uncomfortable, on edge, forever scared society? Or will you accept some level of risk, take responsibility for your own health and accept your mortality and LIVE!

    • The Board of Health is an appointed board with the statutory authority to make this decision. Stop being a coward waiving a white flag to the pandemic. Wear a mask and show that you have concern for others. Deal with your irrational fears.

      • A question. If masks work and you wear a mask and social distancing works and you social distance and the shot works and you have the shot how are you affected by my not wearing a mask?
        Show concern for others who might not agree with mask mandates or share your ‘irrational fears’.

        • An answer: Masks provide an extra level of protection. Medical and science experts say so. My concern is not for your fears or feelings; it’s for getting past this pandemic. Join the cause.

          • “Masks provide an extra level of protection.” So does locking yourself in the basement but neither is ever going to get us “past this pandemic”. Covid will always be with us in one form or another,

            The flu has been around forever and we have yearly shots for that. Shots but never masks, distancing or business closures. People accept that the flu will always be with us, yet we choose to take precautions and live our lives. In my opinion, it should be the same for Covid.

            Just as an aside, I don’t think anyone should dictate how someone else should manage their health. Take personal responsibility and stop implying that your way to handle a health crisis is the only way.

        • They are scared. Fear is a great control tool. We choose freedom over fear. Feel sorry for them, but stay firm in your beliefs. You will may be called stupid, crazy and selfish. Please understand that they are not thinking rationally or being tolerant. Please stay strong.

  9. How about health care workers who have carried with essential workers the brunt of the pandemic. Wear a mask, follow the protocol, do your part to lessen the burden. We want to end this pandemic. Teachers, restaurant owners, health care and hospital workers, essential workers – they are exhausted. Hospital workers , they didn’t see their family during the year so they didn’t infect them. Wearing a mask is nothing compared to what we are asking essential workers todo. Do it for other people. Fascism can exist and being aware is good but this is not fascism. This is about helping those who will take care of you in the hospital, deliver your food, fix your car.

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