4 thoughts on “Police Log: Shoplifter Caught With Items from 2 Stores, Parts Taken from HVAC Unit

  1. Many crimes above, only three arrests.

    Is this a record that Watertown citizens should be proud of?

    Maybe it is. Maybe people don’t comment because they don’t care.

    Maybe the true victims are the allegedly poor, downtrodden, uneducated criminals whose only crime is being hungry and not having the money to even buy Twinkies or a 6-pack.

    That’s the philosophy around these parts, isn’t it?

    • Maybe no one else commented because they know that crime is a real problem everywhere and that it has nothing to do with “the philosophy around these parts?” Just a thought…

  2. The police can’t be everywhere so the hit and runs don’t really count. Someone left a bike unlocked and the bike was stolen? I knew to lock my bike when I first had one.

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