3 thoughts on “Police Log: Money Sent in Scam Recovered, SUV Stolen from Watertown Home

  1. Police should set up stings for car thefts, cars breakins, and porch theft.

    Set up surveillance, let the criminals come to you, and nab them in the act.

    This is not difficult and it’s perfectly legal.





    Watertown Police should be using these kinds of techniques. Unless of course we want Watertown citizens to continue to be victimized.

    Which is it?

    Of course, some people don’t want such stings. People who think the thieves are simply victims of capitalism don’t want these thieves to be caught.

  2. My daughter’s in-laws got a call from someone they thought was their grandson saying he was arrested for DUI after being in an accident and hitting a pregnant women. He begged them not to tell his parents. They called his dad at work and he rushed home all the while trying to find his sons location. My daughter called me frantic, I called my husband to go stay with her as I was over an HR away. She has an aunt who is a police officer who couldn’t find where my grandson was being held. She told my daughter to call his phone, she did and he was in school and his car was at home. It was the worst hour of our lives all because of a scam. Even though it was not something we thought our grandson capable of your emotions take over. Later we found out the scammer asked for money.

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