5 thoughts on “Police Log: Car Rented Out Through App Missing, Dozens of Bottles of Perfume Taken from Store

  1. Always lots of crime around the malls.

    The criminals seem to figure they can get away with it.

    Are they correct?

    Always lots of vehicle crimes in the town too.

    A big yawn?

  2. When only legal problems result when physically detaining someone, what are the stores’ employees and security left with as options?

    Of course the honest people pay.

  3. I don’t know what Paul’s comments are intended for, but the items to be sold need to be on display so that ordinary shoppers can access them to purchase them for themselves or as gifts for the holiday season. With all the shoplifting and grab-and-go crimes going on across the country, the criminals need to be prosecuted and not released if they are habitual offenders no matter if they keep their stolen items values under the state mandates. All these thefts just add to the costs of our purchases, which many of us can’t afford in this climate of hyper inflation, and put the store workers in jeopardy. The stores can only absorb so much of this activity without it affecting their earnings, and businesses are in business to make money, not lose it. They not only have a responsibility to their customers to keep prices as low as they can, but they also are held to a responsibility to make money for their shareholders. That’s how capitalism and a free society work.

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