Last Day to Fill Out Watertown Schools’ Parent Climate Survey

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Watertown school officials seek to find out about their experience in the Watertown Public Schools with a Parent/Guardian Climate Survey. Dec. 23 is the final day to submit the survey.

The survey is being done in conjunction with the UChicago Impact, a group out of the University Chicago that provides tools and assistance to schools.

Superintendent Dede Galdston sent out the following message:

This is a reminder that we are asking parents and caregivers to complete a culture and climate survey based on their experiences in the Watertown Public Schools. The purpose of this focused dive into our current reality is to provide the District with accurate information about what we have accomplished and where we need to go next as we begin the process of our next round of improvement strategy planning. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated, especially during these challenging times. Here you will find the link to the survey. The survey window is open now until December 23.

The survey requires no more than 10 minutes for parents to complete. The parent/caregiver survey is shorter in length and is a supplement to the 5Es survey that educators and students take. Please fill out one survey for each of your children. The survey is available in English and Spanish. If you need the survey translated, please reach out to the ESL department for translations.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this very important and informative survey.

Dede Galdston, Superintendent of Schools

4 thoughts on “Last Day to Fill Out Watertown Schools’ Parent Climate Survey

  1. This strikes me as more “Wokeness” being introduced into Watertown schools.

    Race, racism, “identity politics,” “diversity,” “tolerance,” LGBTQ, transgenderism, rainbows, Critical Race Theory, “America is guilty,” minorities are the victims of Whites, etc.

    There’s a definite political agenda there.

    Should Watertown schools be politicized in that way, or should they simply do what they don’t seem too good at, namely teaching?

  2. I agree with William. Let’s concentrate on what’s being taught. Let’s stress subjects such as reading, arithmetic, and writing along with education on basic money management to help our students with skills needed for actual work environments and family financial management. Teach history like the Holocaust so children understand what actually happened to people due to their being picked out for their religious beliefs so that any hatred toward any peoples can be avoided in the future. Only by understanding history can we avoid the same mistakes in the future. By the new way of concentrating on all the individual groups who make up our society, we are isolating people and leaving others behind and actually creating hate. Let’s just concentrate on treating everyone the same with understanding, cooperation and kindness, especially starting in 2022. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!

  3. Personally, I welcome WPS requesting feedback but I don’t remember if they had a general comment section(which is where you find all the nuggets IMO). My daughter went from pre-K to 8th in WPS and we had great experience at the Lowell School, and a very mixed bag at WMS(though some excellent teachers there are challenges). From a private industry perspective, I ask the folks that work for me for feedback on how I’m doing and would expect the schools to ask parents and residents what their experiences with the schools have been too. For me, the keys are:
    What questions are they answering with the survey?
    What do you wish to accomplish with the survey?
    Will there be some sort of summary of the data presented afterwards with goals based on the feedback?

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