4 thoughts on “COVID Cases Reported in Watertown Schools, Student Vaccine Clinic Planned

  1. “Over the holiday weekend and today, we were informed of several additional positive cases of COVID within our school community.”

    That’s a huge understatement. I have kids in the schools and I have heard of lots of covid cases among them. For the superintendent to claim “several new cases” is a disservice to the community and misleading. The amount of covid cases in Watertown are far beyond the definition of “several”. Just ask parents with kids on the WHS basketball teams. They have many new cases and likely more on the way. Every time one of them gets infected they then go home to pass it along to their siblings, parents, etc creating a domino effect. By the start of school there could be so many more kids infected. Let’s not forget all those doing “at home covid tests” that are not going to be so willing to share their positive results.

    The town, school officials, the school committee, etc really needs to step up and make some decisions NOW on how to handle this. Telling people they can go to a vaccination clinic in two weeks is sort of useless.

    CVS, Walgreens, Osco are all offering vaccinations so the best advice is to keep searching online for an opening and consider going outside your area to get the quickest appointment.

    Wellesley just announced a halt to their winter sports because of high covid numbers among high schoolers. According to that news article they had 49 cases. I think we have more among our students.

  2. A Covid “case” does not necessarily mean that the student is very ill.

    Students and adults get colds and flu too.

    We don’t fly into lock-downs, cancellations, or panic for those things.

    I think officials are doing this for political reasons (“Woke” culture) and to cover themselves just in case.

    How many students have a cold or flu now?

    It is quite well-known, by the way (see link below), that during the 2020 presidential debate Biden said that any president (Trump) that has presided over 200,000 Covid deaths should not be president.

    Biden has far surpassed that figure even WITH vaccines.

    So why doesn’t Biden resign?


  3. Anyone who is following the real science knows that the Omicron variant is more transmittable, but yet it is proving to have much less severe effects on people. Again the people who are being hospitalized are the immune compromised, the elderly. those with comorbidities and the obese, which the mainstream media is not telling the public. These are the people we need to concentrate on and suggest not mingle with others. We can’t keep concentrating on kids who are now suffering mental issues at an alarming rate and we don’t have enough mental health experts to help all of them. They need to be able to participate in activities that keep them active and mingle with their peers to develop their social skills. Many articles have been written that if more people get Omicron and develop natural immunities, covid may very well diminish faster. We just need to live with it and go on with our lives. The mainstream media just wants to fill their news cycles with easy to produce numbers and keep people in a constant state of fear. Biden has failed his mission to get rid of covid as he promised in his inaugural address. He said he would have enough test kits for everyone and that has been a big failure. He and his staff new covid wasn’t going away and now he says he didn’t know this surge was coming. He is failing us. Let’s not fail our kids by following his lead.

    P.S. It recently was reported that two children died from the flu already and in typical years we sadly lose a lot more kids and adults to the flu. One year I believe it was 108,000. This year the flu vaccine is predicted to be only about 30% effective as they predicted the wrong strain when they developed the vaccine and we don’t quarantine people with the flu. We ask them to stay home until they are well and deal with it.

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