3 thoughts on “Resident Comments Wanted on Watertown Draft Climate & Energy Plan

  1. I am all
    For the plan of reaching net zero; however the will always be circumstances where gas may be necessary such as restaurants and labs.
    There will need to be some flexibility on the electric company to lower costs because right now the cost of all electric is exorbitant.

  2. The grid is powered by a power plant that generates electricity using fossil fuels like natural gas. You can only achieve net zero if all the power is coming from wind or solar power plants. Just because you use electricity for power doesn’t mean there’s no fossil fuel emissions. Not sure what the craze is now-a-days about EV’s either. Mining lithium is very harmful to the environment and also contributes to fossil fuel consumption. There isn’t even enough lithium to mine to provide each American with an EV. I’m all for protecting the environment and having clean water but I think we need to take a step back and look at the big picture. This just seems like it will contribute to increased costs all around and that’s something we do not need right now.

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