Watertown Farmers Market Returning in June With Several New Vendors

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Anaïs Markwood The Watertown Farmers Market returns to Saltonstall Park on June 15.

The Watertown Farmers Market will return on June 15 with four produce booths, and several new vendors including some familiar local names.

The Farmers Market takes place Wednesdays from 2:30-6:30 p.m., rain or shine, at Saltonstall Park (next to City Hall, 149 Main St.). It runs from June 15 to Oct. 19, 2022.

Most of the vendors from last year’s Farmers Market will be returning, plus the market has expanded the lineup, said Community Wellness Program Manager Stephanie Venizelos, who also manages the market.

“We are brining back almost all of our vendors, so we will continue to have four produce vendors,” Venizelos said. “One big change is that Lilac Hedge Farm is not coming back. They have expanded their brick-and-mortar location. We do have a good new vendor coming called Copicut, which has meat and eggs.”

Another new vendor will be familiar to people who have attended the market for multiple years.

“A vendor who took a couple years off will be back, Quicksilver. Their rugula was popular,” Venizelos said. “We are excited to have them rejoin the market.”

Some vendors will be there weekly, while others will be there every other week or even monthly. They have specialty items including baked goods, coffee, maple syrup, chocolates, and jams.

All the vendors will be on one side of the path, Venizelos said, and other spaces will be utilized.

“In addition we will be using the red brick plaza and space behind the plaza — where the benches and trees are — for non-food vendors, artisans, and community guests,” Venizelos said.

The Market will take place the same days as the Saltonstall Park Concert Series. Venizelos added that the Market organizers are exploring bringing back music to the market through local partnerships. 

The Market will not be requiring masks for attendees, but asks people to take precautions.

“As always, we strive to create a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment, and welcome masks for those who are more comfortable wearing them, especially if unvaccinated. If you are sick, please do not visit the market,” the Farmers Market announcement said.

Anaïs Markwood Shoppers returned to the Watertown Farmers Market at Saltonstall Park on June 16.

Payment options: Cash, credit cards (for most vendors), SNAP, HIP, and Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupons.

Market Volunteers will be available around the market to assist and direct patrons. They will be wearing yellow visors.

No pets are allowed.

New Vendors

The Watertown Farmers Market provided information about the new vendors for 2022:

Compolongo Cookie Company

Developing cookies originally to show appreciation for friends and family, Compolongo Cookie Company is now a Watertown business that offers five cookie flavors: chocolate chip; annmarie; cinnamon; dark chocolate; and oatmeal.

Copicit Farms

Copicut Farms is a family-owned farm in Dartmouth, MA. They will join us for the first time this year, bringing a large variety of pasture raised poultry, pork, eggs, and lamb.

Flavor Boom

Flavor Boom, a local Watertown restaurant is bringing Asian and Mediterranean gourmet ready-to-eat food to the WFM this season. Keeping their menu honed in on what they do best, they provide customers with big flavor at affordable prices.

Grateful Tastes

Grateful Tastes is a family business. Each of their versatile, small batch family recipes are crafted with freshly picked, seasonally available produce, certified organic cane sugar, and an all-natural & vegan pectin. Grateful Tastes crafts artisanal spreads for more than just breads!

O’some Cafe

Cool off with some refreshing thoughtfully crafted drinks with O’some Cafe! They are a small Watertown coffee shop, with the goal to introduce specialty coffees, teas, and sodas to the local community, as well as healthier nutritious pastries/bake good options.

Quicksilver Baking Company

We’re thrilled to have Quicksilver Baking Company back at the market!  Susan will be bringing traditional sweet and innovative savory Rugelach sold frozen to be baked at home. The sweet flavors include apricot/walnut, cinnamon/brown sugar/walnut & raspberry/walnut and the savory flavors range from caramelized onion and blue cheese/walnut to jalapeño/cheddar and olive/walnut.

Sotto Chocolate

Sotto Chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches of less than 50 bars at a time by Amy Vachon.  Sotto means ‘under,’ most often written in music as ‘sotto voce’ to convey an undertone …something worth paying attention to that is happening underneath other notes. Chocolate is one of the most complex foods on earth, with flavors under flavors. The cacao beans used to make each Sotto Chocolate bar originate from a single fermentary, using the most ethically priced and harvested sources. They are then sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and wrapped locally in my tiny chocolatory in Watertown, Massachusetts.

WFM Returning Vendors


Dick’s Market Garden

Stillman’s Farm

Farmer Tim’s

We Grow Microgreens (Bi-weekly)




Hooked Fish Shop

Specialty and baked goods:

Clear Flour Bakery

Compolongo Cookie Company


Quick Silver (Bi-weekly)


Del Sur (Bi-weekly)

Flavor Boom (Bi-weekly)

Grateful Tastes (Bi-weekly)

Habibi Gourmet Foods

Flores de Café (Bi-weekly)

O’some Cafe (Bi-weekly)

Sa’s Homestyle Sauce (Monthly)

Sotto Chocolate

Zen Bear Foods (Bi-weekly)

For more information about the vendors click here: https://www.livewellwatertown.org/farmers-market/our-vendors

Find out more about the Watertown Farmers Market at: https://www.livewellwatertown.org/farmers-market. Contact the Market at: watertownmarket@gmail.com

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