10 thoughts on “Police Log: Man’s Social Security Account Compromised, Man Arrested After Putting Items in Backpack

  1. Looks as if all of this prosperity coming to Watertown, is bringing something we may not be to our liking. Crimes of all descriptions are becoming the norm! All we need now is the punishment that should come with the crimes against citizens and businesses.

  2. These are typical crimes in any community. Watertown is no exception. And what evidence do you have that the crimes are NOT being punished?

    • Republicans are trying to create an authoritarian state run by religious extremists and white supremacists. Their policies (the failed “trickle down economics” ideology, their utter cowardice in standing up to the NRA, their hostile attitudes towards LGBTQIA folks) are so abhorrent to the majority of Americans that the only way they can hold onto power is by lying and cheating. And violence. Watch the Jan 6 hearings and you can hear in their own words how they used means they knew were illegal to try to overturn a Presidential election that over 60 failed Republican-sponsored lawsuits showed was fairly won by Joe Biden.

      But yeah, the Democrats are ruining the country.

      • The Democrats support an anarchist state where domestic terrorists’ siege of Portland Oregon and stage ‘peaceful’ rallies burning numerous buildings and smashing police car windows. They object to capital punishment for career criminals but are in favor of killing babies. The socialists promote economic policies that increase unemployment, reduce domestic oil production, and constrict distribution of gas thereby driving gas prices up while encouraging people to NOT pay their rent. The Dems would deny 2nd Amendment rights to men and women that can serve in the US Military but believe pre-teens are mature enough to decide what sex they are. So now, the Dems that ‘won’ an election that counted ballots cast after the election even if there was no postmark on the mailed in ballots (where no one had to ever show ID) are staging a made for TV event trying to convince the masses that encouragement to march down the street to the Capitol Building is insurrection. So. clearly yes, the Democrats are trying to destroy America,

        • Republicans own this: “There were officers on the ground they were bleeding. They were throwing up. . . . I saw friends with blood all over their faces. I was slipping in people’s blood.”

          -Testimony from a Capitol Police officer describing the events of Jan 6.

          Trump encouraged people to do more than walk down the street. You’re saying that the mountain of evidence the Jan 6 committee has compiled, plus what we saw with our own eyes, plus the confessions of participants, is all an elaborate hoax to discredit The One True Leader?

          Good grief.

    • You mean the legislation that is in place in many others states; the legislation that the Major City Police Chiefs Association supports?

  3. “Republicans are trying to create an authoritarian state run by religious extremists and white supremacists.”

    What a ridiculous and misguided statement. There are as many out of touch extremists in the Democratic party as there are in the Republican party, don’t kid yourself. Neither party is serving the country’s core interests and values because the leadership in both are geriatric, tired individuals who are more concerned with hanging onto power and perks than trying to do something substantive and meaningful for the working people who pay their taxes and abide by the laws. It’s an absolutely disgusting mess we have today, whether it be in Washington or Beacon Hill. The only way to send a real message, that will shake the political ground, is to vote out all incumbents, regardless of their party affiliation and bring in/encourage new talent and ideas.

    • “There are as many out of touch extremists in the Democratic party as there are in the Republican party, don’t kid yourself.”

      One party staged a violent coup in a desperate attempt to overturn a fair Presidential election and the other didn’t. There are many other differences, but if that one’s not enough for you I really don’t know what to say.

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