7 thoughts on “Watertown Plans to Start Universal PreK With COVID Relief Grant

  1. Use COVID Emergency Relief Federal taxpayer dollars to temporarily fund the creation of more new city social spending programs and added new bureaucratic positions and then bake it all into future annual budget requests to sustain them when the Federal funding runs dry and pass on the permanent costs to the Watertown taxpayer forever. Absolutely brilliant!

  2. The article quotes Dr. Galdston as saying that it is goal of WPS to make the pre-k program “highly affordable or free.” Will they also make more slots available to enlarge the pre-k program to serve more kids?

  3. Why are students doing so poorly in math that we need to create more positions at a high cost to help them catch up? Are the teachings employed in some communities that the answer doesn’t have to be right as long as they are using their brains to try to get an answer being used in Watertown? I have read that in some areas if a student has a logical reason to say that 2 plus 2 is 6 vs. 4, these school systems accept the answer. How will these students ever be able to balance a checkbook or understand financial info or function in everyday life if the basics of math are not taught correctly or if misinformation is communicated and accepted. This seems to be a furthering of the ‘everyone gets a trophy’ deal that discourages children from trying be high achievers so everyone gets to feel good. It seems that the ‘new’ math programs that have been implemented in the last decade are not as successful as the old, basic math teachings. I have heard that parents have a difficult time helping their children do their math homework as the new math is foreign to them. Maybe the old math methods should be reinstated. Just saying!

    • I think the correct answer is actually that students lost over a year of “normal” schooling due to COVID, and that hit their ability to keep up with math in particular. MCAS scores were pretty bad last year compared to two years ago.

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