6 thoughts on “Police Log: Man Caught Wandering Around Construction Site, Juveniles Vandalize Signs in Parking Lot

  1. I see that people who were committing crimes had outstanding warrants.

    Do the police track down such people, or do they just wait until they commit more crimes?

    The latter it seems. Is that good police work?

    And check this out (below) where a man obviously committed theft, BUT THE COPS LET HIM GO!
    No wonder we have so much crime in Watertown.
    Makes me wonder who the real criminals are.

    “June 23, 1:48 a.m.: Police saw a man walking around near the bicycle rack on the Columbus Delta and was carrying a bicycle tire … [which] had been taken from a bike locked to the bike rack. … The man was allowed to leave.”

  2. So, a man from outside Watertown, pays a visit to load up a carriage full of goods at Target, walks out without paying, and is given a summons to appear in court? Why not arrested and charged? Another case of someone arrested in the future with 4 or 5 warrants for not appearing for other crimes. I still remember when committing a crime resulted in immediate punishment and embarrassment to the person, along with his family which might just teach them not to do it again.

      • The voters elect them because they are responsive to the city’s needs. I have no idea what the “go fishin'” comment is even supposed to mean. And they haven’t defunded the police even one cent.

    • This is all stemming from the defund the police movement which has in turn increased the crime rate……huh…..shocker. Thank you Rachael Rollins.

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