12 thoughts on “Police Log: Deliver Man Caught Stealing Package, Home Ransacked

  1. Lots of crime, few arrests.

    Gee, what a surprise.

    Do the police actually SOLVE crimes or just report them and issue parking tickets and moving violations?

    No one knows, and the City Council does not ask because they don’t give a hoot and are too busy trying to find “Woke” things to do.

    As for all these “outstanding warrants”: these happen because judges let criminals go free because the judiciary system does not give a hoot either. Makes you wonder who the real criminals are. Is anyone holding judges responsible? Nope.

    BTW, which political party do you think dominates around here? The pro-crime one.

    If I’m wrong, prove it.

    • 50% of your comment is correct, 50% is ignorant and uniformed based in political bias that has nothing to do with any of this. Turn off Fox News, get a more well rounded view of the world. You’ll be less angry.

    • I think it’s sad that people post totally uninformed comments and then challenge you to prove the opposite. Pretty much every statement you made is not factual.

      • Perhaps, Paul, with your knowledge of criminal justice and police work, you can enlighten us all.

        Please go ahead and convince people.

        • Again, you throw out wild accusations with no proof or facts at all, and then challenge people to “convince you” or “prove you wrong”. No such effort is needed in the first place. You ARE wrong!

          • Precisely, Paul. I am happy to see there are still some folks with functioning brains around these parts

    • Just referring to the “pro-crime” party is a tip off that there is nothing of substantial value in this comment.

      There are no constructive ideas here, just casual blame throwing. Anyone can do that.

      • Joe, why don’t you give us some “constructive ideas” (your term) about crime, failing law enforcement, and courts which let people go on multiple warrants only to show up when they are caught committing yet another crime?

        • Perhaps I might. But I don’t make scurrilous posts like yours William, which was utterly devoid of any proposals that would move the conversation forward.

          Instead of thinking, you simply disparage others. Not very helpful. Specifically, what do you propose? And don’t throw it back on to others. What would you do?

          • Joe, the first step is to identify the problems: crime, few arrests, and people committing crime while out on multiple warrants.

            It’s legal to put out bait to catch would-be criminals.

            People should not be out on multiple warrants. That’s the courts’ fault. Second, why are such people not tracked down when they miss courts dates?

            Why don’t we learn what happens to criminals once they are in the justice system? We know they are let free on warrants to commit more mayhem. Are they finally imprisoned? Do they make restitution?

            What are the DAs doing about these things?

  2. Sounds like we have good questions without any answers(and thus there is no data to even make any assumptions to date). Given the lack of transparency or now-how to get the information around the over-arching question: What happens to those who are convicted or our on warrants? This is hard to fix. The first question is what private or government organization is keeping track of this sort of information so that better/good policy can be decided going forward? Who is doing the analysis(if there even is data and analysis being done). Where could it be found by public(if a public institution vs private is doing the data/analysis).

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