Check Your Precinct Location Postcards, They May be Incorrect

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Charlie Breitrose Some of the precinct locations change postcards, such as those above, have the wrong information on them. The City Clerk’s Office encourages voters to check their voting location.

The City of Watertown sent out postcards to residents in precincts that will be voting in a different location from the previous election. However, many of the cards show the incorrect information.

The postcards were delivered Wednesday, Aug. 24, and about one-third have the wrong information on them, said Assistant City Manager Steve Magoon. The Watertown City Clerk’s office announced the error on Wednesday, and asked residents to check the information.

Residents may use the following link from the Secretary of States website – – to lookup their correct precinct, or they can contact the City Clerk’s Office at 617-972-6486 to have the staff look up their precinct.

The State Primary will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Postcards were sent to registered voters in precincts where voting locations will change, as well as voters whose precinct changed due to redistricting. They went to about 6,000 voters, Magoon said.

Four precincts will be in a different location from 2021. Precinct 2 is moving back to the Hosmer Elementary School after being at the Hellenic Center while the school was under construction. Precinct 7 will be at Watertown Middle School while Lowell Elementary School is under construction. Precincts 11 and 12 will move back to the Cunniff Elementary School after being at Watertown Middle School while Cunniff was closed for construction.

The error was made by the printing company, and the City will be sending out another mailing with the correct information.

“The printer is bearing all costs to make the correction,” Magoon said.

The deadline to register to vote or change your party for the Sept. 6 Primary Election is Saturday, Aug. 27 at 5 p.m. The Clerk’s Office (City Hall, 149 Main St., ground floor) will be open until 5 p.m. See more at

2022 Watertown Election Locations

  • Precinct 1: Hellenic Center
  • Precinct 2: Hosmer School
  • Precinct 3: Hellenic Center
  • Precinct 4: Phillips School
  • Precinct 5: Phillips School
  • Precinct 6: Hibernian Hall
  • Precinct 7: Watertown Middle School
  • Precinct 8: Watertown Middle School
  • Precinct 9: Watertown Middle School
  • Precinct 10: Watertown Police Station
  • Precinct 11: Cunniff School
  • Precinct 12: Cunniff School

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  1. There is never accountability in government. You ever wonder why so many consultants are hired? They help to remove the specter of accountability.

    • This has zero to do with government v. the private sector. Both hire consultants for the same reasons. It’s a phony anti-government argument that is popular but not factual.

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