Proposed Five-Story Building on Water Street is Second Phase Life Science Complex

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Elkus Manfredi Architects A view of the proposed life science building at 99 Galen Street viewed from the Charles River.

The second phase of the life science lab and office complex on Water Street, off Nonatnum Road, has been submitted to the City of Watertown and the project would have a five story building, a childcare center, and a publicly accessible park.

Boston Development Group submitted the plans in early August. The developers seek a special permit with site plan review for a proposed building at 99 Water Street with five stories (four in some places depending on the grading). It would have 224,000 sq. ft. of lab/office space for research and development. There would be 430 parking spaces in two-and-a-half levels of underground parking (the half level shares the ground floor of the lab/office building).

The first phase of the project is located at 66 Galen Street, next to the MBTA’s Watertown Yard.

Another part of the development would be a 4,000 sq. ft. daycare facility which would be open to both occupants of the two phases of the project, as well as the wider public, the project narrative said.

The park is described in the project narrative: “The resulting park will be approximately three quarters of an acre and will include a naturalized area with walking paths and planting to the northeast, an open lawn area with a pavilion, multiple seating areas of different scale and orientation and places for food trucks to pull up on the street to the southwest. Additionally, the park will accommodate a Bluebikes station and a wide walkway from the improved Nonantum Street crossing to lower Water Street.”

Elkus Manfredi Architects An overhead view of the projects at 99 Water Street (proposed) and 66 Galen Street (under construction), including a new park near the river.

The project also realigns the southern part of Water Street “in order to create a safer and more functional intersection between Water Street and Nonantum Road,” the project narrative said. The pedestrian crossings across Water Street and across Nonantum Road will be improved, too.

See the project documents by clicking here (scroll down and look under Project Status).

4 thoughts on “Proposed Five-Story Building on Water Street is Second Phase Life Science Complex

  1. Could someone please explain to me what is wrong with labs being built in Watertown?This brings great jobs and economic development to the town. This is what most towns would love to happen and attract.
    So getting rid of an old gas station and car dealership is a loss?

  2. Exciting project. Can’t wait for it to be there. This seems to redevelop the area into an attractive space for everyone and also improve the traffic, bus, and biking situation. Long overdue, and now the developer even pays for it!

  3. Good Luck leasing this:

    From JP Morgan Investor conference that occurs every january:
    As of May 2022, the prolonged bear market saw about 150 to 200 public biotechs holding onto less than a year’s worth of cash, according to a report from Hatteras Venture Partners. Of 670 small-cap biotechs, only about 200 had cash runways projected to extend through at least 2024, according to the same report

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