2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Changes Coming to Watertown’s Trash, Recycling & Large Item Pickups

  1. Good. Now let’s pass producer responsibility laws that require manufacturers and stores to take back products they manufacture and/or sell. For free. With a receipt, so it’s fair.

  2. This information was definitely communicated badly to the public. If people don’t read this article (and many people don’t access Watertown News for a number of reasons) or get the automatic notices from the City’s website, how are they going to know this is being implemented? Will flyers be sent to all homes so owners and renters will be informed with all the details?

    We have so many new businesses and residential buildings in the City, and I think we all hoped that the taxes taken in would keep our individual costs and taxes down. With the large increases and so many rules mentioned here, we are being forced to take on the City’s expenses and responsibilities at at time when all of our other expenses are going up.

    As this information is coming out during the last week of summer that includes a holiday, many people won’t have much time to look around their houses to see what items they have been thinking of putting out to the curb and actually do it, especially if they are not informed in time.

    Who made the decisions mentioned in this new program? It is my understanding that the Council was not aware of these changes and increased costs. We need some transparency in issues that affect all of us.

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