4 thoughts on “Council Approves Money to Start Process of Purchasing Pond Property

  1. Why wasn’t this transfer discussed when the development was going up next door?
    Seems someone is going to get a windfall on the backs of tax payers.

  2. The article says it was formerly owned by Raytheon. So who owns it now? Is it Walker’s Pond as stated here or Walker Pond as Google Maps has it? And shouldn’t “Westside of Watertown” be “west side of Watertown”?

    • Technically, the property was owned by the Gore Estate and leased to Raytheon until they moved out of the Seyon Street Facility (Waltham). The land south of Waltham Street was sold to developers somewhere around 2004 +/- and went through a couple of owners. It was owned by the developers of Bell South when they completed the apartment complex. The undeveloped portion was then separated and sold to the current owner.

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