Apartment Complex Could be Build Near Watertown on IHOP Site

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A Google Maps screenshot showing the IHOP (the red dot) on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton, on the other side of the Charles River from Squibnocket Park in Watertown. A project with 200 housing units and commercial will be built on that site and the site where a former motel sits.

The late-night dining destination on the other side of the Charles River from Watertown may become a complex with residential and commercial space.

Universal Hub reports the plans will soon be filed for a residential project on property on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton where the IHOP (1850 Soldiers Field Road) and motel stand. The location sits near where North Beacon Street crosses from Watertown heading east, and converges with Soldiers Field Road, Nonantum Road, and the Birmingham Parkway in a rotary intersection.

Developer Trammel Crow Co. filed documents with the Boston Planning & Development Agency describing the project. The residential part will include two residential buildings with 200 units that are “affordable living spaces for Boston’s families and will average 60% AMI (Average Median Income) – true affordability,” according to the letter of intent.

The commercial space will “support the affordable housing components,” according to the letter.

Trammel said it plans to build the infrastructure required for the residential buildings, and then will donate the land to The Community Builders, which will build the affordable housing.

The letter also said, “the project will also include significant improvements to the Leo M. Birmingham Park and Parkway to which the project site is immediately adjacent, as well as improvements to the I-90 underpasses that, today, fail to provide a safe or aesthetically pleasing connection between the neighborhoods and the Charles River, that have been separated by the Massachusetts Turnpike for decades.”

The IHOP was built in 1960, and the former Charles River Inn was built in 1955. The McDonald’s will not be part of the project.

See the BPDA file on the project by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Apartment Complex Could be Build Near Watertown on IHOP Site

    • Yes, Dana, but by the time it’s built we’ll all be riding bicycles and other green vehicles and the Mass Pike will be all bicycles too.

      I do have a question though:

      Will people who have entered this country illegally across the southern border (hundreds of thousands per month) be able to live in this new “affordable” complex or is it just intended for American citizens? I keep asking this but no one answers.

      • @William, perhaps you’re asking in the wrong place.

        I have no idea what sort of paperwork prospective residents will need to fill out and whether there will be requirements for legal residency or citizenship, but what are you going to do with the answer if you get one?

        I suggest that a message board here, probably not seen by many people, is not the place to get answers. Maybe you could call city hall or your city councilor or have you already tried that? Surely someone knows what paperwork is required and whether you have to supply a Social Security number or other tax ID or proof of legal residency.

  1. According to a news article, posted on 01/20/23 to Universal Hub, a major development is being proposed across the river in Allston. If the five building project comes to fruition; the generated traffic volume could certainly effect circulation patterns at intersecting roadways in the neighboring East End of Watertown.

    Specifically, in the area of N. Beacon St. at Little Greenough Blvd., as well as the Arsenal St. Corridor at the already gridlocked Arsenal Bridge. Ongoing areawide redevelopment is a contributing factor to Watertown’s traffic challenges.

    All large scale new construction that poses collateral impact to Watertown deserves community oversight, open dialogue and future design considerations. Thank you.

    Angeline B. Kounelis
    Retired District A, East End, City Councilor

    • And in addition, the DCR is proposing to reduce Soldiers Field Rd. from four lanes to two in order to accommodate bike lanes, the City of Boston and Harvard have plans to eliminate parking on Western Ave. and reconfigure the road so that motor vehicles heading east over the bridge would have to take a circuitous route down SFR if people wanted to go to the Star Market or any other business on Western Ave. (I can guarantee you Mahoneys will be gone in 3-5 years).

      The ‘Sound Museum’ on North Beacon St. where many bands and musicians have rehearsal spaces is slated to become another life science facility and the parking lot at Stop and Shop is currently undergoing development to make way for a new megaplex, and then there’s still the DCR’s plan to redo the mess that’s the traffic island/rotary at North Beacon/SFR/Nonantum Rd where IHOP is currently located.

      As you mentioned, while all this development is on the Boston side of the river, it will almost certainly have a negative and disastrous impact on the quality of life in the East End.

  2. Very Sorry to hear this news about more apartments being built in that already very busy intersection that is very hard to maneuver around as it is ! The news of the IHOP being displaced from there too which has been serving our community for many years will leave a huge emptiness in our hearts.

    The IHOP has been serving thousands of people who like to go for a nice breakfast any time of day or even late night food when nothing in the neighborhood is ever open What a shame ! Money talks doesn’t it !

    More and more apartments because being erected in every open space but not decent restaurants for people of all ages. This has always been a very popular spot for those that are unable to cook a decent, hearty and affordable fresh meal for themselves as well.

    We have absolutely nothing opened at night in Watertown any longer where there has been ample open parking as well. Saddened by this news for certain. Watertown is becoming just a city of more and more apartments going up along with Life Science buildings. There is nothing charming here to draw people in or to truly rave about.

    The city needs a drastic overhaul due to ongoing traffic and is much too overly congested .

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