Police Log: Woman Wearing Wig Tries to Cash Check, Man Seen Taking Baby Monitors on Several Dates

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


March 27, 8:47 p.m.: Officers on Arsenal Street saw a vehicle driving westbound dragging two construction cones under the front bumper and speeding. The cones came from a construction site farther down Arsenal, near Louise Street. Police pulled the vehicle over and the driver had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He performed field sobriety tests and did not pass four. A half-full bottle of brandy was found inside the vehicle. Officers also found the vehicle was uninsured and unregistered. Ryan Parsons, 45, of Waltham, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving and uninsured motor vehicle and driving an uninsured motor vehicle.

March 28, 8:11 a.m.: A man known to be wanted on a warrant was spotted by police in the parking lot near Dunkin Donuts on Mt. Auburn St. Toros Torossian, 58, homeless, was arrested on the warrant from Waltham District Court for criminal harassment and disorderly conduct.

April 1, 3:07 a.m.: Police were patrolling in Watertown Square when they noticed a vehicle that did not move when the light turned green. About 30 seconds later it began to slowly roll into the intersection and then stopped in a spot that obstructed traffic in the intersection. The officer pulled behind the vehicle and stopped the car to check on the driver’s wellbeing. The driver had a strong odor of alcohol, and admitted to consuming alcohol before driving. He passed one field sobriety test but did not pass three others. Nam Nguyen, 24, of Waltham, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and was cited for obstructing traffic.


March 27, 1:06 p.m.: A woman pulled up to the drive through window at Cambridge Savings Bank and tried to cash a check for $3,200. The driver gave the check to the teller, who said that it was for the woman in the passenger seat, who she said was her grandmother. The passenger appeared to be wearing a grey longhaired wig. The teller got suspicious and asked the driver for the woman’s ID. She handed one over, and the teller asked the passenger to turn her head in her direction to match her picture on the ID. The woman would not turn her head. The teller then asked them to come into the bank to cash the check. They did not, and drove away. The bank kept the check and ID and were able to contact the woman whose name is on the ID. She said it had been stolen when her vehicle was broken into in Weston on March 25. Watertown Police are working with Weston Police on the investigation. The passenger was described as a white, middle-aged woman. The driver is described as a heavyset white female who had her hair in a bun. They were in a black minivan.

March 28, 7:54 a.m.: An employee of O’Reilly Auto Parts parked a work van in the parking lot at 5 p.m. the night before and when the employee returned to work the next morning it was discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen from the 2019 Nissan van.

March 28, 10:07 a.m.: A man walked into Best Buy at 10:03 a.m., picked up a Playstation 5 game console from the display in the front of the store and walked out the door. He got into a dark-colored SUV and left the area. The console is worth $509.99. The suspect is described as a Black male, 6-feet tall, with short hair and facial hair.

March 28, 11:56 a.m.: The owner of a 2004 Honda minivan came to the Police Station to report a stolen catalytic converter. The vehicle was parked on Belmont Street at Carroll Street the night before at 9 p.m., and when the owner came out at 11 a.m. the converter was gone.

March 28, 12:16 p.m.: A woman walked into Old Navy and grabbed 11 pairs of jeans and put them into her bag and then walked out of the store. The incident occurred the day before at about 6 p.m. and she was only in the store for a few minutes. The jeans were valued at $385. The suspect is described as a Black female, 30 years old, wearing black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt and pink shoes.

March 28, 8:28 p.m.: A catalytic converter was taken from a 2007 Honda Accord when it was parked in a driveway on Cuba Street. The owner parked at 3 p.m. the prior day and he discovered the theft at 1 p.m. on the 28th.

March 28, 10:56 p.m.: A Forest Street resident was alerted by a neighbor about something creating a noise in the man’s backyard. The man looked out and saw someone in the yard standing under the rear porch. The resident went out and asked the person what he was doing. The man said he was looking for a place to urinate. The man looked like he was intoxicated and had a bottle of alcohol in his hand. The man left the yard and turned onto Palfrey Street. The homeowner found the sliding door was half open and the handle was broken and was lying on the ground. It does not appear that the man got into the house, and nothing was missing. Police are investigating.

March 29, 11:40 a.m.: Police responded to Main Street for a stolen catalytic converter. The owner said the 2002 Honda Odyssey was parked in the driveway and the owner believes the catalytic converter was taken sometime overnight.

March 31, 1:25 p.m.: A Target employee was caught on video stealing merchandise 10 different times since Feb. 24. Store security showed police the footage, which showed her taking electronics, gift cards, household items, and cosmetics. The employee admitted to police that she had taken the items. The 18-year-old Watertown resident was summoned to Waltham District Court for larceny under $1,200 by single scheme.

March 31, 4:25 p.m.: Police went to 100 Warren Street for a missing package. A resident had ordered clothing and on the 31st she received notification that FedEx had delivered the package. When she went to get it, she was unable to locate it. The clothing cost $13.45.

April 2, 11:42 a.m.: Target security saw a man walk into a store, grab a backpack off the shelf and put several items into the backpack, including clothing and electronics. The man then walked out of the store. Police got a description and found him on Elm Street with the backpack containing the stolen items inside. The estimated value is $192. The 37-year-old Lowell man was summoned to Waltham District Court for shoplifting.

April 2, 4:40 p.m: A man has been seen taking items from Target multiple times starting on Nov. 26. The first time he came in with a woman and took two baby monitors worth $460. On March 28, he came back and took $1,500 worth of electronics. On March 30, he came back and took $1,150 worth of items, including a breast pump and a baby monitor. The next day he came and took another baby monitor. He came back and took another breast pump and a camera worth $730. On April 1, he took three more baby monitors, worth a total of $900. The man also appears to hav been taking similar items from the Target in Framingham. Police in Watertown and Framingham are working to identify the man. He is described as having light-skin, 5-foot-8, with black hair and a beard.

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