Watertown’s First Sculpture Walk Being Installed, Grand Opening Planned

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Liz Helfer The first piece of the Watertown Community Sculpture Walk arrives on Monday.

Installation of Watertown’s newest public art installation, the Community Sculpture Walk, began this week when the first of four pieces was erected in Saltonstall Park.

The other three sculptures will be installed next week, said Liz Helfer, Watertown’s Public Arts & Culture Planner.

Two of the sculptures will be along the path through Saltonstall Park (near City Hall and the Watertown Boys & Girls Club). The other two will be along the section of the Community Path between Whites Avenue and Waverley Avenue.

Power Plant by Joe Chirchirillo

“Power Plant” by Joe Chirchirillo Pigmented cast concrete. Created in 2017. On view from May 2023 until 2025.

See an interactive map with more information about the location and the inspiration behind the sculptures by clicking here.

The City of Watertown provided the following information:

The Watertown Public Arts and Culture Committee is excited to launch Watertown’s first
Community Sculpture Walk. The walk follows the Community Path from the Saltonstall Park to
Howard Street.

Opposition by James Payne

“Opposition” by James Payne. Wood, metal, and flagstones. Completed in 2022. On view from May 2023 until 2025.

In 2023, four sculptures have been selected, with four more coming in 2024. The sculptures will be on loan for two years.

The inaugural theme of the Community Sculpture Walk is “the river.” Sculptures by Peter Dellert of Holyoke, Linda Hoffman of Harvard, Joe Chirchirillo of North Bennington, Vermont, and James Payne of Perkinsville, Vermont, each address the theme in a different way.

Inheritance by Peter Dellert

Liz Helfer Inheritance by Peter Dellert Catalytic converter covers on welded steel armature. Completed in 2014. On view from May 2023 until 2025

You are invited to join the artists and the Public Arts & Culture Committee for a grand opening on Thursday, May 18th from 5-7 PM at the Community Path by Saltonstall Park in Watertown. Meet where the Community Path meets the parking lot behind the library at 123 Main St. Walk the path, hear the artists speak about their sculptures, and enjoy an all-ages art activity.

Refuge by Linda Hoffman

“Refuge” by Linda Hoffman. Bronze, completed in 2020. On view from May 2023 until 2025.

Learn more online at: https://www.watertown-ma.gov/816/5211/Community-Sculpture-Walk
or email Public Arts & Culture Planner, Liz Helfer, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov.

4 thoughts on “Watertown’s First Sculpture Walk Being Installed, Grand Opening Planned

  1. This is a great update for Watertown. There has been some showing of art in Watertown. But this is one of the biggest display. I just hope I can walk the path to enjoy it.

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