Watertown Had Five Home Sales This Week

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A single family, two condos, and two townhouses were sold this week.

378 School St. #1, 3 bedroom 1 bathroom 1,539 sq. ft. Condo, Sold: $850,000

107 Chapman St., 3 bedroom 3 bathroom 2,172 sq. ft. Single Family, Sold: $870,000

36 Church St. #36, 3 bedroom 3 bathroom 2,244 sq. ft. Townhouse, Sold: $1,225,000

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188 School St. #188, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1,042 sq. ft. Condo, Sold: $701,800

39 French St. #39, 4 bedroom 5 bathroom 3,112 sq. ft. Townhouse, Sold: $1,300,000

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    • This is from a real estate site: A townhouse, also called a townhome, is a type of house that has multiple floors and shares at least one of its walls with other residences. These buildings are often tall, thin and attached to other townhomes in a long row

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