School Committee Member Will Not Be Seeking Another Term

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Lindsay Mosca

School Committee member Lindsay Mosca announced this week that she will not be running for re-election in 2023.

Mosca is one of three people on the School Committee whose terms are up at the end of the year. The election will be held. Nov. 7, 2023, and the deadline for candidates to submit signatures to the City Clerk’s office is July 31.

“Once my term is over in December, I will have served on the Watertown School Committee for 6 years,” Mosca said in her announcement. “It has been quite a ride! I started back in December 2017, when I ran for the partial 2-year term (due to a vacated seat).”

Mosca, who is currently vice chair of the School Committee, joined the board around the same time that Dede Galdston became Superintendent, and started developing her first strategic plan.

“Little did I know that the COVID pandemic was around the corner, and turned everything about the world, including being a member of School Committee, on its head!” Mosca said. “Since then, we’ve been climbing out of that pandemic and doing amazing work here in Watertown. While we are on a on a positive track with settled contracts, progress in student achievement, exciting initiatives, new buildings, and a strong partnership with the city, there is always more work to do and improvements to support.”

Mosca said she made her announcement at this point to give potential candidates time to consider, prepare, and become certified to run for School Committee.

“Folks considering a run do not need to be an expert — great committee members are those who believe in the power of public education and in the core values of WPS (Excellence, Equity, and Community) and who are interested in doing the work of listening, learning, and contributing,” she said. “If anyone considering a run has questions, they should feel free to reach out to me (”

While she will no longer be serving on the School Committee, Mosca said she plans to continue to serve on the School Building Committee until the Watertown High School project is completed. She noted that she has been on the committee overseeing school building projects since 2015, when the district conducted the first school facility master plan study.

According to the City Clerk’s website, any registered voter who is interested in running for office can visit the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, 149 Main St., to pick up Nomination Papers. Monday, July 31, 2023 at 5 p.m. is the last day and hour to submit nomination papers for candidates for city office to the Election Commission in the City Clerk’s Office for certification.

School Committee candidates must get at least 100 certified signatures of Watertown voters, with no more than 50 coming from residents of any one of the City’s four districts. Find out more by calling the Clerk’s office at 617-972-6486 or by email

4 thoughts on “School Committee Member Will Not Be Seeking Another Term

  1. Lindsay you did great work on the School Committee in the family tradition! Wishing you the best in your retirement.

  2. Thanks so much to Lindsay for her hard work and her commitment to the community! We have been lucky to have you…you leave some big shoes to fill.

  3. Thanks Lindsay, sad to see you go, you were the only one who always got back to me. Family time I’m sure bis a big part, hopefully I’ll catch ya out at the Memorial Rink Ha! Best Wishes

  4. Thank you, Lindsay, for your thoughtful service and hard work on the School Committee. Watertown is better for it. Best of luck in the next chapter.

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