Rocker Tells Bruce Springsteen About His Watertown Origins on Stage at Gillette Stadium

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During Bruce Springsteen’s recent concert at Gillette Stadium, one of the members of the E Street Band revealed that he was born not just in the Boston area, but in Watertown.

During the band’s performance of “Glory Days” the band asked the crowd “Do you want to go home?” to which guitarist Steven Van Zandt responded, “You know, I was born here,” according to a report on

Springsteen responded, “In Boston?”

And, Van Zandt specified, “Yeah, Watertown!” 

According to the report, he spent his first several years before moving to New Jersey.

The moment was captured by Worcester journalist @CraigSemon in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Which caught Van Zandt’s attention and he responded “WATERTOWN!”

3 thoughts on “Rocker Tells Bruce Springsteen About His Watertown Origins on Stage at Gillette Stadium

  1. To have a dream is something usually it’s only a illusion but mr Springsteen and his band mates have brought that illusion to life and made real they seen & did more than any individual could possibly ever think of but when anyone of them wake up they say i can’t believe this is real happen to me then last so long only explanation is that man upstairs either like mr bruce and his E streets band or he like the music they play possibly nether one their just plain lucky but either way we appreciate you Bruce and the E streets band thank you dude good looking out all these years keep going strong a lost fan who ever thought all these years later we all still be here rocking out ☮️ kk

  2. Did he mean Watertown NY or MA? There’s a huge difference,
    Try Googling Watertown and see for yourselves.

    —–From a huge Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band fan

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