Watertown Receives Federal Grant to Plant Trees Around Town

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The City of Watertown has been awarded a 2023 USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry – Inflation Reduction Act Grant for $100,000!

The “Tree Planting in the City of Watertown, Massachusetts” grant is to help Watertown assist with new tree planting and focus planting efforts within the communities of Watertown, including Tree Planting & Maintenance, Restoration & Resilience, and Extreme Heat

The city is one of nine municipalities in Massachusetts that received a grant. The other communities in Massachusetts were Boston, Fall River, Haverhill, Holyoke, Lynn, Quincy, Southbridge, and Springfield. See all the cities around the nations to get the grant.

Special thanks to Tree Warden Mike Micieli for preparing the successful grant application!

5 thoughts on “Watertown Receives Federal Grant to Plant Trees Around Town

  1. Thank you Tree Warden Mike Micieli! Watertown is in need of more trees to help cool our town, to assist with noise abatement and cleaner air.

  2. A big Thank you to Tree Warden Mike Micieli for getting us more trees & tree care!
    Grateful for our trees, plants, & parks.

  3. Mr. Micieli,

    This is wonderful! I’ll look forward to seeing the results. Will you be joined by a community team (for instance, including Trees for Watertown) for the specifics of this greening project? They’d be a great group, combining their expertise and their ability to get the message out on the difference this grant has made for Watertown!

  4. Great job! I would suggest, if economically feasible, more tree canopies on Arsenal St, Mt Auburn St and Main St. Walking or running on those streets during a bright, sunny is the easiest way to get a sunburn.

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