Mother Struck by Car Outside Cunniff School, Taken to Hospital

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Photo by Alejandro Mejía Greene/JubiloHaku via Flickr Creative Commons

A woman was struck by a vehicle as she was putting her child into a car seat outside Cunniff Elementary School on Thursday afternoon, and was taken to hospital.

Watertown Police and Fire departments responded to the school on Warren Street at 2:45 p.m. on Nov. 2 after the report of a motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian.

“The mother sustained a lower-body injury and was transported to Beth Israel Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The child was unharmed,” the Watertown Police announced in a statement.

As of Friday morning, the incident remains under investigation. Police said the driver stayed in the vehicle at the scene afterward and cooperated with officers.

10 thoughts on “Mother Struck by Car Outside Cunniff School, Taken to Hospital

  1. Just a suggestion for everyone putting kids in car seats, if you can always use the curbside door. I see parents using the travel lane door on busy streets, like at the daycare on Belmont St. Think about the safety of your child and hopefully your own, and with the cars parked on both sides of the Cunniff, never mind that fiasco on Highland Ave. as drivers please slow down in the School zones for Safety’s Sake!

    • Please do not victim blame someone who got hit by a car! It is not always possible to use the curbside door, depending on the placement of the curb and the car seat in the car. And if you have multiple kids in car seats, you need to put them in on opposite sides of the car, one of which will be on the street side.

      Drivers should go slowly and look for pedestrians and people on the street, especially in school zones. I’m so glad that this mother will be ok and that her kids were unharmed.

      • BY any chance did you see the wording “just a suggestion”, there was no victim blaming on my part. My post was and will be about safety for everyone, that’s why I posted it when I saw the news headline, if you notice in the article, the Police didn’t release any information, so I don’t know what happened, nor who was involved. I’m glad it worked out.

  2. I agree if you can to open doors on your curbside safer. Drivers slow down near schools, parks, cross lights, street crossings, neighborhood streets, etc. With lots of road work everywhere we all need to add extra time to our commutes. I also notice people not crossing at crosswalks in the dark; not a smart choice. Practice safety.

  3. Hi. I was the mom hit. I’m well aware about safety!!!! I have 2 children. My youngest was in his seat on the curb side. You people that always have something to say are ridiculous. How about we just be thankful and humble. I know that actually being human is quite a challenge for some of ya’s! Try it out, it might look good on ya.

    • People you have no idea what this family is going through? The trauma that Mom is dealing with with a little boys and herself physically and mentally? People so ready to point fingers about safety? When I drive our mow someone down people are quick to point out safety measures had it happened to your own family members you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. If you so much as point in fingers why don’t you figure out what you can do for this family instead of being judgmental. Shame on you for the ones that are not supporting this family. This mom is one of the best moms I have ever known. And she loves her family with all our her heart. We are all grateful that she is still with us. It is the season to be grateful, and just like everyday it’s great to be grateful. We could all learn a lesson from this family that she has such kindness in love and heart. And this is a new family just starting out in our apartment and this is all she needed. So next time you want to be judgmental keep it to yourself

      • Many drivers rip down Templeton Parkway to avoid the lights on Arlington Street. Some turn onto my street and really put the hammer down. Children live here and I dread the day that an accident may happen. I hope to avoid being mowed down myself.

        Perhaps I am getting old, but I see a lot of careless driving that I find discouraging. Running red lights, speeding, checking one’s phone while driving. Please remember that if you hit someone, it will be on your mind (and possibly your driving record) for a long, long time.

        Be cautious: the few seconds you save are of no value compared to someone’s life or a life changing injury. A British friend of mine told me of his Dad saying “Son, remember you’re driving a two ton bullet” before handing over the keys. Good advice.

      • Neither Sibylle or my posts are pointing fingers, they are just thoughts or reminders for everyone to just be maybe more safe thinking, that’s all, no harm intended.

  4. I am so saddened to hear this. A mother cannot use the curbside door if they have multiple children. I pray you get a good lawyer as you most likely will need pt and other therapy for quite sometime. The driver needs to be help accountable. Not the victim.

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