2024 Presidential Primary Information: Ballots Have Other Races, See Where to Vote

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Watertown voters can cast their votes in the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 5, but the ballot includes some local officials, too.

The Presidential Primaries are Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. To confirm your precinct location, please go to the Secretary of State’s Where Do I Vote webpage.

Presidential Candidates

Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarian voters have multiple candidates to choose from for the Massachusetts Presidential Primary. Unenrolled voters can choose which party’s ballot to cast their votes.

President Joe Biden has two challengers on the Democratic ballot: Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

Several names appear on the GOP ballot, but only Donald Trump and Nikki Haley are actively campaigning. Chris Christie, Ryan Binkley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Asa Hutchinson, and Ron DeSantis have suspended their campaigns.

The Libertarian Party has several candidates: Jacob Hornberger, Michael Rectenwald, Chase Oliver, Michael ter Maat, and Lars Mapstead.

Other Races

Democrats and Republicans can also cast their vote for local candidates.

Each party’s state committee is allowed to elect one man and one woman from each of the Commonwealth’s 40 state senate districts. According to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website, members of the state committee work to: promote the aims of the party Work in cooperation with the national party committee and with ward and town committees, and Organize and work for the nomination and election of party candidates.

The Republicans have contested races for State Committeeman and State Commiteewoman. John Hickey of Boston faces John Umina of Belmont for State Committeeman, and Catherine Umina of Belmont is running against Eva Webster of Boston for State Committeewoman.

The Democratic candidates, Steve Owens and Jessica Nahigian, are running unopposed. There are no candidates on the Libertarian ballot.

The Dems’ ballot also includes candidates for Town Democratic Committee. Town committees range in size from 3-35 elected members. Their duties include: representing their party at the local and neighborhood level, promoting the objectives of the party, and working for the nomination and election of party candidates, according to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Watertown’s Town Democratic Committee has 35 members. There are no candidates on Republican and Libertarian ballots.

Election Day Voting Locations

If you have questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 617-715-8686.

See the Precinct map (PDF)

PrecinctPolling PlacePolling Address
1Hellenic Cultural Center29 Bigelow Avenue
2Hosmer School1 Concord Road
3Hellenic Cultural Center29 Bigelow Avenue
4Phillips School30 Common Street
5Phillips School30 Common Street
6Hibernian Hall151 Watertown Street
7Watertown Middle School68 Waverley Avenue
8Watertown Middle School68 Waverley Avenue
9Watertown Middle School68 Waverley Avenue
10Watertown Police Station552 Main Street
11Cunniff School246 Warren Street
12Cunniff School246 Warren Street

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  1. The table for the polling locations is great! This is particularly useful for the middle school which has three potential entrances. For today’s election the entrance in the rear.


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