Watertown Park Projects Moving Ahead at Saltonstall, Victory Field, Casey & Lowell School

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Light poles at Saltonstall Park were removed earlier this week to make for a new set up lights. (Courtesy of Peter Centola)

Work has already begun at one Watertown park, with others beginning in the near and more distant future in the works.

Saltonstall Park

Cranes removed the old set of lighting poles at Saltonstall Park, and trenches have been dug as part of the installation of a new set of lights at the park behind City Hall.

“They are being removed this week,” said Recreation Director Peter Centola. “The new ones will probably go in in about a month.”

The system will illuminate the grassy field, as well as the outdoor basketball court behind the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.

Casey Park and Victory Field

Meanwhile, last week, the City Council approved using $50,000 in funds for parks projects to be moved to small projects at Casey Park and Victory Field.

About $30,000 will go toward adding sound-deadening insulation on the hockey boards around the multi-purpose rink at Casey Park. Neighbors of the Southside park have complained about the noise coming from the rink when pucks and other objects strike the boards. Other improvements to Casey Park have been delayed so the City Council can study them further.

Another $20,000 will go toward replacing all the bulbs in the floodlights at Victory Field. City Manager George Proakis said this will extend the warranty for the lights that were installed in 2011.

Lowell Playground

Planning for upgrades to the park behind Lowell Elementary School, has started, and the Recreation Department recently unveiled plans for the playground and field at a public meeting.

The plans include wheelchair accessible seats next to the bleachers of the baseball field, and a handicap accessible path to the field. A picnic area will be built next to the basketball court.

The plans for renovating the Lowell School Playground. (Courtesy of CBA Landscape Architects)

A pathway will be built to link the different areas in the Lowell Playground, including the baseball bleachers, the basketball court, the picnic area and the renovated playground.

The play structure, which will have equipment for ages 2-5 as well as for ages 5-12, will include swings, and new play equipment. The goal is to have the project go out to bid in April or May, and start construction in the summer and be ready for the fall of 2024.

The proposed layout for the children’s play area at the Lowell School Playground. (Courtesy of CBA Landscape Architects)

For more information and updates about the Lowell Playground, go to https://watertown-ma.gov/LowellPlayground

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, contact the City at parksprojects@watertown-ma.gov

2 thoughts on “Watertown Park Projects Moving Ahead at Saltonstall, Victory Field, Casey & Lowell School

  1. There used to be two benches by the How Park basketball court. They were backless so not especially comfortable — and they were for the basketball court anyway. The enclosed play area has two park benches for the adults accompanying children in the park. The dog park enclosure, however, has five benches, including a picnic bench. There is no place for other visitors to the park to sit and enjoy a sunny day or read. I hope this will be remedied soon.

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