Neighbors Running Fund Raiser to Help Family Pay for Vet Bills for Cat Injured in a House Fire

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Two cats were in a fire at a Watertown home, and one — Basil — has required medical care.

An online fundraising effort has started to help a Watertown family who are trying to pay for their cat’s veterinary bills after their home was damaged in a fire.

Shortly after the March 21 fire that damaged the home on Quincy Street a group of neighbors rallied to support their neighbors. Jason Gerdom and Diana Richards put together the GoFundMe campaign to help their neighbors. They provided the following background on the campaign site:

“Hi, we’re a group of neighbors on the west side of Watertown who are raising money for a family who lost their house in a fire last week (March 21). Kenny and Marty weren’t home, but their two cats were in the house. After receiving oxygen, one has responded well, but Basil has not. He’s receiving great care at Blue Pearl Animal Hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning, but the costs are adding up. While insurance will cover the house, we’re trying to help with the medical bills.”

Nearby residents donated more than $400 in cash for a Stockyard gift certificate, collected donations from four Watertown businesses, and have raised more $3,000 for their cat’s medical bills.

To see the campaign and to donate, visit:

3 thoughts on “Neighbors Running Fund Raiser to Help Family Pay for Vet Bills for Cat Injured in a House Fire

  1. Helen Dempsey is also a critical part of this effort. She’s been keeping us updated on Basil — who is recovering well and taking a few steps on his own — and serving as the liaison with the family. We couldn’t do this without her.

    The local business who have chipped in so far are:
    — Pizza Roma (Giordano and Alicia)
    — Gigi’s Pizza Co. (Alexi and Amanda)
    — Freestyle Hair Studio (Mindy)
    — Ritcey East (Max and Chelsea)

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