Superintendent Given Four Year Extension Which Will Take Her to Over a Decade in Watertown

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Watertown Superintendent Dede Galdston.

The School Committee thanked Superintendent Dede Galdston for her efforts in Watertown this week when they approved an extension to her contract.

On April 8, the School Committee unanimously approved a four-year extension for Galdston. Her salary increased by more than $26,000 to $220,000 in the first year of the contract, with future year’s salaries to be set by the School Committee after her annual review.

Galdston said she looked forward to finishing some of the initiatives that have started in her time in the Watertown Public Schools.

“I would certainly like to say thank you to the School Committee for offering a contract for the next four years. I feel that what we have done in the last seven years is amazing,” she said. “I will continue the work we’ve been doing into the next four years and see it through to fruition, things such as the high school being done, the literacy pilot, working on the equitable grading practices initiative.”

School Committee Chair Kendra Foley said she looks forward to continuing to work with the superintendent

“We’ve done so much together for the community, your team and the School Committee,” Foley said. “It’s so much because of your leadership. You have created so much stability here, so much progress, it’s an incredible journey. We are incredibly lucky to have you here. Thank you for being here so long, and thank you for staying with us. I’m thrilled to have another four years with you.” 

City Council President Mark Sideris, who served on the School Committee since 2009, said that he remembers a time when Watertown had frequent turnover of superintendents, but Galdston has been a steady presence.

“I just want to say in the seven years we have been working together has been amazing,” Sideris said. “You’ve done a great job for the community. The contract we are giving you is well deserved. Speaking for myself, I want you to be with us for the long term because we have all been very successful because of your efforts.”

School Committee member Lily Rayman-Read said she has been impressed by Galdston.

“As somebody who doesn’t always have the highest regard for people in your role, I have the highest regard for you,” she said. “I am so pleased to see you here, so pleased with what you have done.”

See the Superintendent’s contract by clicking here.

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