Life Science Lab Hosting One-Day Art Exhibit Featuring Underrepresented Artists

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A Watertown life science lab incubator space will be focusing on art for one evening in June, and will showcase the works of artists from underrepresented groups.

Cambridge Scientific Labs opened two years ago, and has two locations in Watertown. The company provided space for biotechs trying to get off the ground, said Barbara Pearlman, CEO of Cambridge Scientific Labs.

Pearlman decided that the space could also help some local artists become more well known.

“They have to be underrepresented artists,” Pearlman said. “We had enough people, we decided to have an exhibit so maybe they can sell some work.”

The exhibition, called Cultural Catalysts, and organizers provided the following description:

“Our gallery objective at Cultural Catalysts is to spotlight the profound creativity of local underrepresented artists. By showcasing their art within our innovative laboratory environment, we aim to foster a dynamic synergy between creativity and innovation. Through this celebration of diverse perspectives, we strive to cultivate an inclusive space where art and science converge to enrich the human experience.”

The artists to be featured are Michael Green, Rene Robinson, Jules Cleo, and Anoke Deitg Blanchard. They come from a variety of places.

“One of is a 15-year old from Cambridge Ringe and Latin School, one is a teacher at Somerville High School, there is a local artist who works in architecture, and the other is a scientist at Novartis,” Pearlman said.

The event will be on Thursday, June 6, from 3-6 p.m. at Cambridge Scientific Labs, 155 Arlington St. in Watertown. Light refreshments will be served.

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