COLUMN: Back to the Future in the Financial Market

So, interest rates are crashing around the world, the 10-Year U.S. Treasury is around 1.75 percent and stock markets are stuck in trading range …bookended by a good bit of volatility. If I didn’t know better – I might be thinking I jumped into the DeLorean with Doc Emmet Brown and went “Back in Time” to 2016. The above scenario is precisely what was going on in early 2016, which left investors in a bit of a “What Next?” moment. We are seeing a near instant replay of 3-½ years ago, albeit with stock market values significantly higher. Once again – nearing a generational low in interest rates, heightened volatility, and questions about “What’s Next”?The good news is we can take lessons from the recent past and use strategies from the same playbook.

COLUMN: Using Your Talent to Bring Prosperity & Personal Satisfaction

At my firm, we often say that Financial Planning is about more than money, it’s about what happens in between paychecks. Something similar can be said about HOW you manage your money. It’s not simply a matter of working harder; it’s much more about using your non-financial skills and talents in new ways to bring you prosperity and a greater sense of personal satisfaction. Here are five tips to follow when seeking balance in your finances. 1.