Places in Watertown to Stay Cool During the Heat Wave

Children enjoy the new spray pad at Filippello Park in East Watertown. (Photo by Charlie Breitrose)

The City of Watertown provided the following tips about how to keep cool in this week’s heat wave:

As the first heat wave of the season approaches, here are some places to help you stay cool through Sunday, 23, 2024:

LETTER: Resident Seeks Help Recovering Lost Items

Dear Watertown MA News,

Please see the attachment (at bottom) and brief summary regarding a recent incident at 48 Bridge street in Watertown, Ma 02472 In May 2024. I am avidly looking to recover these items, and asking for help if anything has showed up? Thank you for your service in the community of victims suffering loss to theft.

LETTER: Green Infrastructure Must be Part of the Watertown Square Area Plan

The following letter was submitted to be read at the June 13, 2024 Watertown Square Area Plan meeting:

Dear Vincent, Watertown Planning Board, and Watertown City Council:

I am sorry I cannot attend in person this evening, so I hope that this can go on the Public record as my comment:


First, I just want to say that I have been excited to hear about the plans for Watertown Square to develop the area — much-needed improvements in public transportation, walkability, bike-ability, drive-ability, housing, local businesses, and our community as a whole, and I can say that the people of Watertown have very much appreciated your including the residents in the planning process. We have had the chance to voice our concerns, and we are grateful for that.