Town Charter Review, Noise Ordinance Discussions Delayed by Council

Watertown Town Hall

On a night where the Town Council voted to approve the purchase of a new radios for the Fire Department and the BlueBike stations, the Council postponed discussions of a couple major items: the Town Charter review and proposed changes to the Noise Ordinance. The Town Charter review occurs every 10 years in years ending in zero, while the Noise Ordinance has been debated and discussed for more than a year. Town Council President Mark Siders said he has concerns about holding such important meetings under the restrictions of the state’s COVID-19 rules which limit in-person gatherings to 25 people. A subcommittee report on the Aug. 11 Noise Ordinance was read by the Council Tuesday night.

Six Residents Sought to Join Watertown Charter Review Commission

A committee will be formed to look at the Watertown Town Charter and recommend changes to the document that establishes how the town’s government operates. The Charter Review occurs ever 10 years, and Town Council President Mark Sideris said he will be appointing six members of the public to join the Charter Review Commission. “They will be sitting with the Town Councilors and going through a very in depth review of the Town Charter and recommending any potential changes to the document,” Sideris said. The commission will meet regularly to go over the charter. Sideris said every section of the charter will be examined.