LETTER: The Watertown Community Fridge Needs Your Help

The Watertown Community Fridge is an outdoor refrigerator and small food pantry located at the Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church, 80 Mt. Auburn St., near Watertown Square. It is maintained solely by volunteers. Operating on the principle: Take what you need, give what you can, the Fridge provides free food to anyone in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no questions asked. In this time of high inflation, many people in our community are experiencing food insecurity, and are not able to afford basic necessities, like food and personal hygiene products.

LETTER: Former Councilor Shares Memories of Town Manager Michael Driscoll


Today, we say farewell to a friend and colleague, Michael J. Driscoll. In happiness and sorrow; Michael offered his favorite traditional Irish blessing, from an ancient Celtic prayer. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

LETTER: Medicare Advantage Giving Seniors Worse Healthcare

Dear, Editor

As I recently read a letter about the advantages of Medicare Advantage, I feel compelled to respond as to why it’s actually harmful to its participants. Medicare Advantage was brought about in 1997 under the neoliberal Clinton administration to basically privatize this public good under the misguided belief that the free market would actually be cheaper and more efficient. As most people know and history has proven, this is a poor way to run a healthcare program. One just has to look at the state of the American healthcare industry to realize how capricious, inefficient, and inane it all is. On average people who are enrolled on Medicare Advantage spend 3 percent more on healthcare while receiving far less care while the insurance companies shirk their responsibilities wherever they can to help fatten their profit margins.

LETTER: Medicare Advantage Helps Seniors Stay Active, Healthy

Dear Editor,

As I recently read in a news article, happiness spikes in our 70s. Seniors are staying healthier and living longer than ever before, and they enjoy their retirement years with lots of free time to spend with friends and family. However, there are health complications that come with age, and that is why it is important for seniors to have quality health insurance. For me and over 30 million other seniors and people with disabilities, Medicare Advantage delivers affordable access to care. My Medicare Advantage plan prioritizes preventative care, so that my older years are spent less frequently in hospitals.

LETTER: City’s Planned Linkage Fee Concerns Regional Chamber

The following letter was sent by the Charles River Regional Chamber to City Council President Mark Sideris and Planning Board Chair Jeffrey Brown:

Dear President Sideris and Chair Brown:

The Charles River Regional Chamber and the Watertown development community share the city’s commitment to creating and preserving affordable housing and applaud last year’s establishment of the Watertown Affordable Housing Trust. We also support the city’s goal of creating more affordable housing through linkage fees. However, we respectfully caution the city to be thoughtful about implementing the linkage program given the serious economic headwinds — including rising interest rates, material shortages, weakening demand for life science and office space, layoffs in the tech sector, a labor shortage in the building trades and a looming recession — before us. 

Watertown’s linkage fees will inevitably be competitive with fees in Cambridge and Boston. But we fear projects in Watertown will be at a competitive disadvantage to neighboring communities that don’t require linkage payments. We also worry about the impact the high cost of development might have on another one of our shared goals: The revitalization of Watertown Square.

LETTER: Former Councilor’s Shares Letter on Development from 2016

In response to recent projects being approved and proposed in Watertown, former District A Councilor Angeline Kounelis sent out a letter she submitted to Planning Board and City Officials in December 2016 regarding the property at 485-615 Arsenal St. (Arsenal Yards) and the Master Plan Special Permit. She added that she voted against the 2015 Watertown Comprehensive Plan and the 2016 Regional Mixed Use District. Greetings,


For many years; many of us have been advocating for: “…balance…for viable development that will blend with less consequence on our community and its residents.” Although some of the then proposed site specifics for Arsenal Yards have changed; the location remains: “a city within a city with amenities galore for its prospective residents.”

LETTER: Operation American Soldier Thanks Whitney Towers Residents

Operation American Soldier is extremely grateful to the owners and residents of Whitney Towers for their generosity and giving spirit. 

A special shout out to David Levine, Manager of Whitney Towers, and Mariann and Lisa who headed up the Veterans Day collection for our deployed troops. In addition to the amazing products collected, we received postage funding for approximately 165 boxes! Operation American Soldier and the troops THANK YOU!! Respectfully,Wendy RoccaOperation American Soldier

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