Lowell School Project Will Kick Off With Groundbreaking Ceremony

Ai3 ArchitectsA rendering of the renovated and expanded Lowell Elementary School. The following announcement was provided by CTA Construction:

CTA Construction was awarded the contract in March to renovate and add two new additions to the historic Lowell Elementary School. The groundbreaking ceremony is set to take place on April 27 at 4:30 p.m.

CTA staff members will join the school building committee, members of the community, andschool district staff for the ceremony. “We are happy to be working again with both Ai3 Architects and owner’s project management firm Hill International,” said Jeff Hazelwood, principal of CTA Construction Managers. CTA Construction has previously worked with Hill International on eight projects, including the Tufts Library for the Town of Weymouth.

Funding to Renovate, Expand Lowell School Approved by Council

Ai3 ArchitectsA view of what the renovation to the Lowell School, including the addition seen on the right, which has tall windows, including on the corners. The funds for Watertown’s third elementary school project got approval from the City Council Tuesday night. The Lowell Elementary School project, unlike the first two, will not be a brand new school. Instead the historic building will undergo a major renovation and will have some additions. The approval for borrowing $48.895 million for the Lowell project on Tuesday came on the same night that the Council approved borrowing $198 million to construct the new Watertown High School.

New Hosmer to be Rededicated to Include Artist Harriet, Lowell School Moving Pair of Interim Spots

Hosmer SchoolThe new Hosmer Elementary School is nearly finished and the ribbon cutting will be held on Feb. 1. Construction will soon be complete on the new Hosmer Elementary School, and the public will get a chance to tour the new building. The school will be rededicated to the original Hosmers, along with their daughter, a renowned artist. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Hosmer School will take place on Tuesday, Feb.

Watertown Teachers Get Some Love With Car Parade

Students and parents at Lowell Elementary School showed their love for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers at Lowell School got a special celebration during Teacher Appreciation Week, which was May 4-8. A car parade, escorted by the Watertown Police Department, visited the school. They even had a surprise appearance by the Lowell Leopard, the school’s mascot, and Watertown’s resident sousaphone player (also known as the Tuba Guy)! “I believe we had about 100 cars of families lined up all the way down York Ave and out into Belmont Street,” said Lowell PTO Co-President Lauren Coughlin Unsworth.