MBTA’s Red Line to be Replaced by Shuttles During Extended Repair Project

The following announcement was provided by the MBTA:

The MBTA is reminding riders of the upcoming multi-day Red Line service suspension and providing an update on weekend service outages on July 13 – 14 and July 27 – 28.  

Red Line service will be replaced with shuttle bus service between Alewife and Kendall/MIT beginning at approximately 8:15 PM through the end of service on Friday, July 12. Free and accessible shuttle buses will make stops at all stations. Planned Red Line service change during the weekends of July 13 – 14 and July 27 – 28 have been extended with service suspended from Alewife to JFK/UMass. This decision comes after a thorough review of the work required and logistical challenges following recent overnight work to prepare for the work taking place during the service outage. With the goal of significantly improving service reliability and reducing travel times for thousands of daily riders, the extended outage during these weekends allows for the installation of over three and a half miles (19,200 feet) of new rail that will allow the MBTA to lift seven speed restrictions along this heavily traveled corridor. 

“Our priority is to provide safe, reliable service while addressing long-standing infrastructure needs. The scope of this project is unprecedented, involving the replacement of over three and a half miles of running rail,” said MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng.

MBTA Announces Service Plans for Friday’s Celtics Parade

The following information was provided by MassDOT:

To accommodate parade attendees heading to the 2024 Boston Celtics Championship “Rolling Rally” victory parade, the MBTA will operate enhanced service on Friday, June 21, 2024. To accommodate higher-than-normal ridership, the MBTA will operate increased subway service and modified Commuter Rail schedules with additional train times before and after the parade. Riders are strongly encouraged to purchase roundtrip fares in advance. Due to expected crowds, additional MBTA staff, MBTA Transit Navigation Crew volunteers, Transit Ambassadors, Keolis personnel, and Transit Police will be deployed throughout the system to assist with safety, wayfinding, boarding, paying for fares, and schedule information. Riders can find more information on MBTA service, parking, paying fares, and more at mbta.com/Celtics. 

“Friday will be a busy but joyous day as we all celebrate the Boston Celtics’ 18th Championship victory.

OP-ED: Watertown Square Redesign Lacks Public Transit Improvement Plan

Watertown Square. (Photo by City of Watertown)

By Mark Pickering

Watertown stands at a crossroads – on two separate issues. What we do now will guide the city’s way into the future. One question is whether to continue to be a city that emphasizes the use of cars and ignores public transit. The other question is whether to allow the construction of taller buildings in the Square.

LETTER: Local State House Delegation Discusses Pending Bills, Housing, Transportation & More

Photo by Rita ColafellaSusan Falkoff of Progressive Watertown moderated the discussion with Watertown’s State House delegation, from left, State Rep. Steve Owens, State Rep. John Lawn, and State Sen. Will Brownsberger. Last Sunday, Progressive Watertown held its All Member Meeting at the Apartments at the Coolidge School. The event included a discussion and Q&A with State Senator and President Pro Tempore William Brownsberger, seven-term State Representative John Lawn and two-term State Representative Steve Owens. 

The discussion was moderated by Progressive Watertown co-chair Susan Falkoff, and the initial intention was to learn where the Progressive Mass priority bills are in the legislative pipeline. This was a substantive discussion in which housing, the Watertown Square re-design, MBTA issues, the Make Polluters Pay initiative, and transparency in government were among the topics covered.  The audience saw a delegation that  is very aligned and has a very good working relationship with one another. The two representatives had just finished working long and hard on the state budget. The budget is now with the Senate. After introductions, the legislators were asked to talk briefly about an issue they are excited about working on.

MBTA Announces Services for Monday’s Boston Marathon

The MBTA announced service information on Monday, April 15, the day of the 2024 Boston Marathon. Every year, the MBTA prepares for the Boston Marathon across all departments in many ways. It supports the annual event with increased service to accommodate spectators and runners, acknowledges the crucial role of public transit during this celebratory time, and expresses sincere appreciation for its ridership and dedicated workforce. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of MBTA leaders from various departments, including operations, track, signals, and safety, will be monitoring the system throughout the day, ready to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues that may arise. The MBTA’s Security team will have representatives in the Unified Coordination Center, located at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters in Framingham, which serves as the central hub for public safety operations on race day. The Transit Police Department will also continue to monitor the system with robust support available as needed. Additional staff and Transit Ambassadors will be strategically positioned throughout the system to assist with passenger flow and answer any questions or concerns from riders. Riders are encouraged to hold handrails and use care and caution while traversing stairs and escalators due to anticipated crowding and high ridership. Additional porters will also proactively identify and address cleaning needs throughout the system, from sweeping floors and disposing of trash to maintaining restrooms and replenishing supplies.

Bus Stops Have Moved for 3 MTBA Routes at Watertown Yard

Stops for three MBTA bus lines starting and ending at Watertown Yard have been moved to fit the new street configuration off of Galen Street. The 52, 57, and 504 buses have moved to a different area of the MBTA’s bus yard. The former stop near Nonantum Road has closed, and buses have new pick up and drop off areas. A picture of the old Watertown Yard bus stop exit onto Galen Street. It has been completely blocked off and stops have been moved.

OP-ED: MBTA Service in Watertown Takes the Cake: Worst Service Ever!

MBTA buses operating in Watertown Square. (Photo by Mark Pickering)

By Mark Pickering

When it comes to MBTA service, residents in numerous Boston neighborhoods and abutting communities would love to say they have the worst. They’d be wrong. Watertown “wins” hands down. A Boston Globe article (“Missed connections at Nubian,” Feb.