After Election, State Reps. Have Issues to Tackle in State House

John Lawn, left, won re-election to his sixth term as 10th Middlesex State Representative, while Steve Owens won his first election to be the State Rep. for the 29th Middlesex District. With the long campaign and election day behind them, Watertown’s two state representatives now have some work to do in the State House. They face issues that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, along with those around before the shutdown. Beacon Hill is familiar territory for John Lawn, who will be entering his sixth term as the 10th Middlesex State Representative. The impacts of the pandemic will be his top concern.

LETTER: Former Town Councilor Backs State Rep. Candidate

Dear Voter,

I write with pleasure to endorse Steve Owens to represent the 29th Middlesex District, the seat that is being vacated by Rep Jonathan Hecht. Rep Hecht has been a progressive legislator and a great friend. I have total confidence that Steve will continue Jon’s path. Steve was a critical team member in my campaigns for Town Council. He resuscitated a moribund Watertown Democratic Town Committee and it has become known as one of the most dynamic groups in the state.

LETTER: Chair of Progressive Watertown Endorses State Rep. Candidate

I ask you to vote for Democratic State Committee member Steve Owens in the Middlesex 29th District State Representative race. I have known Steve since 2012 and have come to know his wife Pia and their two sons over the years. They are dedicated parents raising their boys to become curious, confident, standup adults and citizens. Even among all of this chaos, they remain steadfast. As a representative, Steve will be exceptional for several reasons.

LETTER: Town Councilor Endorses State Rep. Candidate

Dear Voter,

It is with great enthusiasm that I join Representative Hecht in endorsing Steve Owens as the next Representative for the 29th Middlesex District. I urge you to join us in voting for Steve in the Democratic primary election on Tuesday, September 1. I have known Steve for nearly twenty years and we have worked together on many local, state, and national political campaigns during that time. I have benefited from his wisdom and political acumen as he has served on my campaign committee since 2009. A long-time Watertown resident, Steve is credited with revitalizing the Watertown Democratic Town Committee and has served as its Chair for the last twelve years. He also has twice won election to the Democratic State Committee.  

I am supporting Steve and asking you to do the same because he is a progressive activist and proven leader ready to take on the many challenges facing Massachusetts. As our State Representative he will champion the issues that the Legislature must address with a commitment to transparency and equity. 

He will join other progressive legislators in supporting policies that combat climate change and create environmental sustainability. He will be an advocate for affordable housing for tenants and homeowners and for public education from pre-kindergarten to college. As a professionaltransportation expert, Steve knows how important safe, reliable public transit is for workers and businesses.

State Rep. Candidate Q&A: Steve Owens

Steve Owens


A lifelong Democrat, I have lived in Watertown and Cambridge for nearly 20 years. My wife Pia and I now live in East Watertown with our two sons who attend Watertown public schools. For twelve years, I served as chair of the Watertown Democratic Town Committee, fighting for progressive causes and candidates at the local, state and federal levels. Professionally, I am a transportation consultant who uses data to help state departments oftransportation, railroads and trucking companies make infrastructure decisions. I have advocated for better public transportation as a member of the Watertown Transportation Task Force. 

Q & A

The State Legislature deals with so many issues, so what would be your top three issues if you are elected?

State Rep. Candidate Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Act on Mass

Democratic activist and Democratic State Committee member Steve Owens is running for the State Representative seat that Jon Hecht will be leaving. The following announcements were provided by Steve Owens for the State Representative campaign:

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund (PPAF) of Massachusetts, the advocacyand political arm of Planned Parenthood league of Massachusetts, has endorsed Steve Owens as the next State Representative in Watertown and Cambridge. Formed in 1984, PPAF believes that working within the political process is critical to increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services. “In 2020, the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts is endorsing candidates who not only support reproductive rights andhealth – but also understand the importance of access to care,” PPAF stated in their endorsement. PPAF works to elect qualified state and local candidates who will pursue policies that put patients first and protect reproductive health care for everyone.

LETTER: Steve Owens Has Put in the Work

I’m writing to urge my friends and neighbors to vote for longtime Democratic Town Committee chair Steve Owens for state rep this primary. Other letters have touted Steve’s progressive commitments and his impressive command of the issues facing our state. In this letter I want to focus instead on the work Steve has put into this race. Regardless of your policy views, I think we can all agree that we want a representative who will be energetic about using his powers of office to stand up for us and help our community and our town. Steve is the only candidate who has a campaign website where he has written about issues that are important to him and what he intends to do in office, a key piece of transparency that other candidates have chosen not to provide.

State Rep. Candidate Backed by Group of Town Councilors

Democratic activist and Democratic State Committee member Steve Owens is running for the State Representative seat that Jon Hecht will be leaving. The following announcement was provided by the Steve Owens for State Representative campaign:

A coalition of current and former Town and City Councilors on both sides of the 29th Middlesex district have endorsed Steve Owens to be Cambridge and Watertown’s next State Representative. The current Town Councilors in Watertown that have endorsed Steve Owens includes Anthony Palomba, Caroline Bays, and Lisa Feltner. Past Town Councilors in Watertown include Susan Falkoff and Aaron Dushku. “I am supporting Steve and asking you to do the same on Tuesday, September 1 because he is a progressive activist and proven leader ready to take on the many challenges facing Massachusetts,” said current Watertown Town Councilor Anthony Palomba.