Watertown Man Leading Effort to Stop Taxes for Hosting Olympics

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Watertown’s Steve Aylward will be the co-chair for an effort aimed at preventing taxes being charged for Boston to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

On Sunday, the Coalition to Stop Taxes for Olympics announced that Steve Aylward will be the Co-Chairman of Tank Taxes for Olympics ballot initiative. Aylward was Co-Chairman of the ballot initiative for the successful Yes on 1 campaign.

“I am pleased that we are building this coalition with Steve Aylward. He is an extremely hard worker and a outstanding advocate for the taxpayers,” said Evan Falchuk, Chairman of Citizens for a Say in the announcement.

Two weeks ago the team (Yes on 1) that successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes joined with Evan Falchuk, who is the Chairman of the United Independent Party and Citizens for a Say, to work to pass a ballot question to stop tax dollars from being spent on the Olympics.

“When our representatives let us down, we stepped forward to repeal taxation without representation. Once again, our elected leaders have failed to protect the taxpayers. Our tax dollars are meant for necessities not to enrich the politically well connected,” said Aylward. “The Olympics has a history of cost overruns. I don’t want taxpayers being forced to pay billions in higher taxes for the Olympics. We need to protect the taxpayers. That’s why I am proud to be the co-chairman of Tank Taxes for Olypmics.

Fellow co-chair Marty Lamb said Aylward will work to prevent taxpayers from being left covering the cost of the Olympics.

“Steve understands that Massachusetts is the most indebted state per capita and that a multi-billion dollar bailout would be devastating for the taxpayers. That’s why we are going to trust but verify with this ballot question,” said Marty Lamb, Co-Chairman of Tank Taxes for the Olympics in the announcement.

Falchuk said joining of forces will create a stronger opposition to use of taxes to fund the Games.

“Our chances of success have greatly increased with this new partnership,” said Falchuk. “We are a unique coalition that is adamant that no taxpayer money be used for the Olympics, and which knows that relying on promises and good intentions isn’t enough.”

Yes on 1 supporters who will be part of this new coalition include Rep. Geoff Diehl, Steve Aylward, Steve Aylward, Rep. Shaunna O’Connell, Rep. Jim Lyons, Rep. Leah Cole, Desiree Awiszio (Campaign Manager for Yes on 1), Rep. David DeCoste, Jeff Bailey, Lou Valanzola, Suzie Scholl, Tom Keyes, Stephen Coulter, CJ Gangi, Paul Gangi, Chris Pinto, Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso, Tony Conte, Marylou Daxland of MARA, Bob Whynott, Melissa Juarez, Craig Hurlbut, Jason LeRay, Terry Hendrix, Sheila Mullins, Kim Shepherd, John O’Mara, Ralph Belmore, Deb Flanagan, Maryann Flaherty, Andrea Taber, Raffaela Feintstein, Jim Pavlik, and Jeannine Pavlik.

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