2 thoughts on “School Committee Candidates Show Differing Philosophies at Forum

  1. Time for Ms Hsu Balzer to step aside. 20 years, thank you very much but it is time for some new blood and ideas. Ms Foley and Ms Miller seem to be very thoughtful and articulate candidates who would bring a truly fresh approach to a very stale school committee.

  2. Candace Miller and Kendra Foley will bring what our School District needs: engagement, communication, productivity, and research which will affect all our children’s education for the better! Watertown Strong Schools, which both Candace Miller and Kendra were active members(Candice wrote the document which solidified the reasons for more funding), is the reason our schools are in a better funded place today! I had personally gone to at least 20 meetings with 1(TC) to many(WSS members) in order to make a case for more funding(for our schools). Ask your TC how many times the SC members met with them and made a good case(on paper with data!) for funding! We need strong SC members who will engage the residents in town, work as a team not only within themselves but with residents/town councilors/community/Admin at large(not talking about giving out information before it’s time or breaking any open forum rules..). We can all start creating a more inclusive School District by electing Candace Miller and Kendra Foley!

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