LETTER: Former Fire Union President Endorses Dem. Committee Candidate


Dear Editor,

On March 1, 2016, “Super Tuesday,” Watertown voters of the Democratic Party will go to the polls to nominate a candidate for the U.S. Presidency and elect two State Committee members (one male and one female).

I am respectfully requesting that the Democratic voters of Watertown consider David Kazis to the open seat to serve as the Democratic State Committeeman for the Second Suffolk and Middlesex Senate District. David Kazis is a proven hard working progressive Democrat and he is familiar with the needs of Watertown, including constituent’s economic discrimination concerns over the proposal to create a new Regional Mixed Use District and DCR’s plan to create a Greenway community path between Watertown and Cambridge.

David worked at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC, under the leadership of Howard Dean in 2005, and also volunteered on several campaigns, including helping to elect Elizabeth Warren to the United States Senate in 2012. David is a strong proponent of transparency and would serve on the Party’s Statewide Board of Directors. He would work to serve Watertown as a conduit between our legislators and our Party.

In this political season, David’s “big tent” vision to make the Party more open to a wide spectrum of constituents and groups is critical to our success. While the Chairman of the Watertown Democratic Committee did not invite nor include David in any of their proceedings prior to their endorsement at their November meeting, I believe that David truly represents the type of leadership that this District demands and I endorse his candidacy and I am proud to stand by his side in this campaign. Please visit his web site at www.votekazis2016.com.


Bob McCarthy
Bromfield Street

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