Sign Up for the Annual Watertown Education Foundation Spelling Bee

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It’s time to sign up for the annual Watertown Education Foundation Spelling Bee!

The WEF sent out the following information:

The Watertown Education Foundation in conjunction with the three Elementary PTO’s, is hosting the 6th annual Spelling Bee on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 for grades 1-5. All of the funds generated will go directly back to the respective PTOs.

The format for this Bee is different than the popular notion of a “traditional” spelling bee – one child standing alone on a stage in front an auditorium full of people. This Bee features teams of three children either all from the same school or, teams can be comprised of children from any of our Elementary schools.

The only rule is that they must be in the same grade. The team will be given words from the spelling bank that have been selected based on grade level. The team members will work together to come up with the proper spelling and one team member will write the answer on a white board. If the team is correct, they will move to the next round. Teams are knocked out after three incorrect answers.

Registration for the spelling bee is due Jan. 15. The form can be downloaded here. 

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