LETTER: Steve Owens Receives Endorsement for Democratic State Committee

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I am happy to endorse Steve Owens as committeeman for the Democratic State Committee.

Steve and his family have put down strong roots in Watertown and they have been deeply involved in our community; they have been homeowners in Watertown since 2003 and have two young sons attending the Hosmer School.

Steve has done a fine job serving as chairman of the Wartertown Democratic Committee since 2008.

He is a professional transportation consultant and serves on Watertown’s Public Transit Task Force. We are fortunate to have the benefit of his expertise with all the new development Watertown faces.

[His wife,] Pia serves on the board of the Watertown Community Foundation and is a past president.

The responsibilities of the Democratic State Committee mirror closely those that Steve has excelled at as chairman of Watertown’s Democratic Committee.

The district includes the 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex senate district. It would be beneficial to Watertown to have one of our own representing the district on the Democratic State Committee. Steve is uniquely qualified to serve our district.

I urge you to join me in voting for Steve Owens as committeeman on the Democratic State Committee on March 1st, the day of the presidential primary.

Thank you,
John S. Airasian

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