2 thoughts on “LETTER: Mother Worries About Impact of ‘Patriots Day’ Filming in Watertown

  1. Hi Lisa,
    How about looking at it like…
    This is the neighborhood where they stopped the evil that caused so much hurt and pain to so many people. This is where OUR town put a stop to any further heinous acts and prevented the evil from spreading. How about looking at it as the heroic scene it is. Yes it was traumatic. I lived through it as you did. I still live there. Sgt. MacLellan and Officer Reynolds stood in my yard. I think if they are going to tell the story of what happened it should be as authentic as possible. We are now all aware of what’s going to take place so we can be better prepared.
    Just my opinion.

  2. TMD: I’m sorry, I don’t share your opinion, and I am not likely to. If you still live there, I urge you to consider the impact on your own property values of having this grisly scene replayed endlessly online with your neighborhood in the background. And consider your neighbors, and your neighbors’ children, who don’t want it. Whose side do you want to be on: a Hollywood producer’s profits, or your neighbors and their kids? Who’s more likely to help you when times are down?

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