New Joint Replacement Center Opening at Mount Auburn Hospital

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On Monday, April 4, Mount Auburn Hospital will officially open the new Longfellow Center for Joint Replacement, where a team of experienced and skilled surgeons come together with caring physician assistants, specially-trained nurses, therapists and technicians to deliver seamless, coordinated care for the growing number of patients seeking hip and knee replacements, the hospital announced. The Center is located on the 3rd floor of Mount Auburn’s South Building.

“The creation of the Center is a response to the large and growing numbers of joint replacement patients we are caring for every year,” says Jeanette Clough, President and CEO of Mount Auburn Hospital. “Not only are people needing joint replacement at a younger age but we also have an aging population that is remaining active later in life and looking to joint replacement to allow them to continue to bike, hike, golf and enjoy life well into their 70s and 80s.”

Experienced orthopedic surgeons Dr. Robert Miegel and Dr. Anthony Schena from Pro Sports Orthopedics will conduct the surgeries and the Center is run by Coordinator Deborah Levenson, MSPT who will oversee all facets of the patient experience including comprehensive pre and post surgery patient education.  “My goal is to interact with every patient that enters the Center on a daily basis,” says Levenson. “I will meet the patients prior to admission, I will accompany the doctors when they make their rounds and I will make sure that each patient gets compassionate, personalized care. That is what this Center is all about.”

The average stay at the Longfellow Center for Joint Replacement is one-to-three days. During that time family members are encouraged to participate in group activities and meals. Exercise and therapy is also provided in a group setting so that patients can support and encourage each other as they recover. “We believe that the group atmosphere supports camaraderie among patients as they help support, motivate and encourage each other in the healing process,” says Levenson.

For information on the Longfellow Center for Joint Replacement, call (617) 499-5888.

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