State Starts Study of Mt. Auburn Street Corridor in Effort to Improve Traffic

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The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), in conjunction with the Cities Cambridge and Watertown, plans to commence a Mount Auburn Corridor Planning Study later this month to develop a range of implementable short- and long-term plans for the improvement of Mount Auburn Street from the Watertown line to Fresh Pond Parkway and parts of Fresh Pond Parkway.

Additionally, the agency will initiate a community outreach strategy that will assist the DCR’s project team in developing options for creating safe and welcoming conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians, enhancing access to the Charles River Reservation, and optimizing transit bus operations for Routes 71 and 73, while ensuring that vehicular access is maintained.

The specific project area extends from Mount Auburn Street at Belmont Street in the west, to Huron and Aberdeen Avenues in the north, and to Fresh Pond Parkway at Greenough Boulevard and Memorial Drive in the southeast. Within the project area there are several high traffic destinations such as the Mount Auburn Cemetery, the Mount Auburn Hospital, local schools, historic neighborhoods, and several local businesses.

DCR is assembling a stakeholder group to help work through the intricacies of the project. The stakeholder group will not only increase transparency, but will also aid the project team with the many details associated with the study. A project website is expected to be launched in May 2016, as an additional option for members of the community to learn more about the study, which will include viewable documents and materials generated to support the public involvement process.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation invites all community members to become involved via digital outreach and future meetings.  Over the course of the year, the agency will hold sessions in the neighborhood and use a web mapping tool to obtain further public comment on the study area. The public will be given advance notice of public meetings, which will be posted on the DCR website. To receive future notifications and communications relative to the study project, please contact Mary Catherine MacLean of DCR’s Office of External Affairs and Partnerships using the information below.

Howard Stein Hudson (HSH) is leading the project team that is assisting with the Mount Auburn Street Corridor Study. HSH has over 28 years’ experience in transportation planning, traffic engineering, civil engineering, and public involvement. Joining HSH are Kittelson Associates, Crosby | Schlessinger | Smallridge, Fort Hill Companies, and Bryant Associates.

Questions, concerns, or requests for information can be directed to: Mary Catherine McLean, Department of Conservation and Recreation, 617-626-1443 or

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