Watertown Police Offering Free Anti-Overdose Medication to Residents

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The Watertown Police Department is pleased to announce the kickoff of the Free Community Narcan Distribution Program. A collaborative effort on the part of several entities made this initiative possible.

Our first partner in this project was the Watertown Community Foundation which provided support in the form of grant funding. The Watertown Police Department was then able to establish a partnership with the Walgreen’s pharmacy located at 15 Main St. in Waltham. Watertown’s Social Service Resource Specialist, Danielle DeMoss (also of Wayside Youth & Family Support Network) and the Watertown Fire Department will assist by serving as the community’s points of contact for the program.

Watertown residents who wish to obtain a Narcan kit at no cost can simply contact Danielle DeMoss at 617-744- 9585 during business hours or visit the Watertown Fire Department’s headquarters at 99 Main St. 24 hours a day. A voucher will be promptly completed for any participating Watertown resident.

The Walgreen’s pharmacy desk will then be contacted and asked to prepare the order. Several of Watertown’s municipal departments, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, service providers and other private entities have been working closely with W.A.T.E.R.town (Watertown Access to Treatment Education and Resources) in an effort to lessen the effects of substance use disorder on our community.

We understand that there are individuals and families struggling with substance use disorder amongst us. We hope this program helps demonstrate our commitment to supporting and encouraging these individuals to treatment.

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