LETTER: Parent Thanks Her Children’s Teachers for a Great Year

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As this school year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to thank our wonderful teachers. Our two oldest children are at the Hosmer Elementary School in Kindergarten and second grade. They both had amazing teachers this year. 

Our daughter’s kindergarten teacher created an environment centered on kindness, empathy and inclusion with a focus on academic progress. She took the time to really understand our daughter and was therefore able to individualize her learning experience and challenge her. She was also engaged with the parents; inviting us into the classroom for special presentations, sending home weekly letters and maintaining open lines of communication at all times. Our daughter loves school, loves to read and loves to learn. I want to thank her teacher for the skill, kindness and thoughtfulness that she puts into her classroom every day.

Our son had an equally stellar experience in the second grade. He too loves school.  He had a teacher who paid close attention to his strengths and weaknesses and made thoughtful adjustments in order to make his learning experience as rich as possible. She has been available, communicative and engaging with parents. She went the extra mile to make sure her students had interesting assignments even on snow days. During the final weeks of school, the class worked on a biography project that included research, writing, critical thinking, public speaking and art. She allowed flexibility and creativity, which created a level of ownership and pride. I thank her for her creativity, hard work, commitment and skill.


With appreciation and praise,
Kendra Foley
Hosmer parent
School Committee member

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