Kids Can Hang Out With Cops at Watertown Boys & Girls Club Event

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Watertown Boys & Girls Club and the Watertown Police Department are teaming up to encourage youth in the community to get to know their local police officers.

Join them Thursday, July 28 from 5-7 p.m. at the Club for a night of fun with the Watertown police force, including dodgeball games, swimming, and a pizza party. Let’s show the youth of Watertown that police officers are here to support them!

The event is free for all. Ages 7 to 18 are welcome and Boys & Girls Club membership is not required.

3 thoughts on “Kids Can Hang Out With Cops at Watertown Boys & Girls Club Event

  1. I want to play dodge ball too! I’m just a big kid at heart. Can we drive the cruisers around the lot and do motor vehicle stops? On a more serious note, I think that’s a great idea! This way the kids themselves can see & learn with their own eyes that the police officers in this city are regular people just like them. They are not mean people, not bullies, no bad guys, or gals on the dept. They’re out there everyday to help protect us from the people that are & do bad. God bless them! Thank you all for your service to the community as well!! I do still want to play with a cruiser though. We’ll see??

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