Thursdays are Pokemon Days at the Armenian Museum in Watertown

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The Armenian Museum of America is taking advantage of its new status as a “Pokéstop” to invite Pokémon Go players through its doors.

Every Thursday, starting on July 21, 2016, ALMA will be hosting #Luresday Thursday by attracting Pokémon and visitors to the Museum. By dropping a lure in the game on the Museum, Pokémon will be easily found outside and inside the galleries.

Pokémon Trainers will be welcomed inside with a discounted admission rate, as well as the opportunity to complete a Poké-themed scavenger hunt through the Museum.

This Thursday, the first 10 players to complete the hunt will earn an Armenian Museum Pokébadge, and the first person to find the four rarest Pokémon hidden throughout the Museum will earn a special prize!

The Hunt will be changed every week, and the Museum is excited to help Trainers ‘Catch ‘Em All’ at ALMA on Thursdays!

For any questions about the Scavenger Hunt, or the Museum’s role in Pokémon Go, contact the Museum Program Manager, Anna Kaczmarek, at 617-926- 2562.

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