Museum of Science, Birds of Prey Visit Mall

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The Watertown Mall has two fun and educational events coming up in August.

Museum of Science

Have you ever wanted to know how magic tricks really work? Come find out the science behind classic magic tricks, going behind the scenes of the illusion.

You might learn how a balloon can be fireproof, or how to snatch a tablecloth without knocking over what’s on top.

The Museum of Science’s “Science Magic!” Traveling Program is coming to the Watertown Mall on Wednesday, August 24 at 11 a.m. This FREE event will take place near Carter’s.

Birds of Prey

Join us on August 10th for this fun and exciting event! Meet birds that live right here in New England!

Observe native birds of prey as you learn about the behavioral and physical adaptations they use to hunt and catch their prey. Investigate the role that they play in their ecosystems.

There will be two presentations! One at 11am and one at 12pm! This Event is FREE and will take place near Carter’s!

For more information on this event and all other events, please call 617-926-4968 or visit

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